‘Could have. Should have. Would have.’ (An afterthought)

Bullies are truly cowardly people, whatever their age.

You my have read my earlier Post titled ‘Could have. Should have. Would have’, a personal true story laced with honesty and sadness, however I did worry afterwards, asking myself should mental illness be only discussed, approached and written about by skilled professionals.

I’m aware there are dangers, sometimes consequences associated with writing about bullying on the internet hence today’s posting.

You may or may not have agreed with me sharing this sad tale, (please say if you sense dangers therein), perhaps the two friends weren’t wholly responsible who knows? Anyways ‘title tattle’ wasn’t the point behind my tale, I’m just regretful I didn’t ask Karen out on a date that’s all, so yes forget my actual post for a second and please dwell on my final two IMPORTANT messages namely,

Seize the day.”


Don’t take a silly argument tooo much to heart.”

I know! I know, two well meaning easily spoken, sometimes trite messages you’ve heard said many times before, they’re both near impossible to live by however true as true can be. So for this post I’ll concentrate on outcomes that apply whatever aged in years you may be.

Always Remember throughout your lifetimes not everyone will enjoy your company and vice versa, and perhaps never more so than at school during those emotionally intense formative years. 

Thinking back to my own schooldays, turmoil and whirlwind years having been discarded  mixed within a classroom of thirty plus other unique individuals, and ALL from very different backgrounds where a disciplined upbringing may not be as loving caring or structured as my own. Sitting here now, I can tell you there are two or three children I’ve so far managed to avoid meeting as adults, thankfully our paths never to have crossed again and LONG may that continue!!

There are also many more I’ve either ‘bumped’ into at the most inopportune moments, enjoyed catching up with or hope to one day, and of course there’s those contemplative moments we all have, where I’ll pause, lick my lips, think to myself’ whatever happened to tall and slender pretty Andrea Hill? (Yes her real name)

Lovely ‘truly scrumptious’ Andrea Hill one of those 5% of young ladies, serene goddesses unattainable to us other mere mortals however that’s a WHOLE other story! 

So finally tying loose ends together, jeeze I sound like Jerry Springer when he imparts his final message to camera after yet another God Awful TV program, the modern day updated version of Medieval Bear Bating for a viewers entertainment.

If you experience the mother of all arguments with a friend, a bust up of monumental disastrous proportions, unquestionably irreparable however hard you try, then perhaps settle your soul knowing the relationship just wasn’t meant to be.

If this scenario ever happens, I’d suggest talk to people you trust because you have to try and move on with your life, like I said, perhaps the relationship just wasn’t meant to be 🙂 and that really is ok.

©A. Shepherdson 2019


16 thoughts on “‘Could have. Should have. Would have.’ (An afterthought)

  1. I’ve had a few friendships vaporize over what should have been a hiccup in the relationship, not its last gasp. Even in retrospect, I never saw it coming.
    One was a friend of convenience because she was always available and willing to go anywhere or do anything from concerts to theater to vacations. I also let her come along whenever I had plans with other friends. She in turn didn’t include me with her other friends.
    The other one was a classic passive aggressive situation but I needed someone from the outside to explain that to me.

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    • Passive aggressive ‘friendships’ are possibly the worst kind because that person you truly care for flips from being charming to truly nasty, and that’s a difficult relationship to come to terms with because you haven’t a clue where you stand? Unfortunately I’ve experienced several of those relationships throughout my lifetime, but there comes a point in life when you have to end them!

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  2. I don’t think there’s any harm telling a story honestly and from one’s own perspective, as long as identities are protected. It’s not as if you were pretending to be a specialist or give advice.

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    • 🙂 I’m big on honesty and openness with this WordPress, HOWEVER I’m also very discreet and take care with names places facts and detail for obvious reasons! Bullying is such a wicked crime.


    • Yes I HAVE sadly experienced similar tainted relationships Lanning. When we’re young children arguments are soon forgotten and life moves on, however when we’re adults harsh wounding words can sometimes never ever be forgiven!


  3. I’ve been in the similar situation…but thanks god in the age of Inet & iPhones 🙂 and I just found more friends instead of 2 I lost…
    About mental illness- it’s different for each person (bcz of a background story & views on life) but I feel sad that with each year we have more ppl with diff kinds of mental issues (or depression)… it’s like ticking bomb 💣

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    • I agree, with the age of the internet we are all much more connected to other people from across the globe, blogging is a case in point🙂. Yet conversely people are isolated and interact with real people even less causing depression! 🙁Perhaps the answer is to get out more and socialise💃🕺💃🕺


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