My new Topic is……… Charles Dickens

Dickens 033
Charles Dickens museum and originally his home. Photo by A. Shepherdson
Dickens 083
13th April 2019, just saying!🙂
Dickens 041
London pigeons.

Now come on be honest I’d guess today’s Title caught you by surprise! You were expecting something sex themed, yes?  

😁There’s only so many combinations of sexy words that Andrew can dream up………. 

Anyways enough silly tales………. for now!

Well I’m taking a ‘time out’ from writing erotic tales I also needed a break from preparing for my father’s funeral, so this past Saturday being such a warm sunny morning I decided to travel to London, visit the Charles Dickens museum and wander the local streets tracing the area he lived and wrote in, or perhaps more accurately enjoy a day out. 

So armed with a little imagination (and you know me my imagination is limitless) also aided by a guidebook I discovered several areas of interest, HOWEVER BE AWARE, as you’d expect pretty much all of Dickensian London has been demolished, thank Adolf Hitler and his four years of carpet bombing known as the ‘Blitz’ for that, sadly so many beautiful buildings were reduced to rubble.

And don’t fret, all forthcoming posts will be photo dumps (great phrase that), sharing a large selection of photographs taken by meee 🤗 .

(As an aside, and as Jesus Christ is my witness, once inside I walked toward the counter, pay my entrance fee to a very plain looking young lady sat behind…………. then gazing down I see her perched on a bar stool and wait for it! Two milk white skinned thighs all the way up to a scarlet red skirt hem and only millimetres below showing her knickers!!

I kid you not, honest, and I’m trying to stop myself telling you this was the highlight of my entire day, un-frigging-believable. I don’t think I’ve been so shocked in years 🤗 , me standing there wishing I could take my camera out and snap a photo (only joking), and if I hadn’t been so stunned I WOULD have dropped to my knees to see what colour they were!

It ‘truthfully’ crossed my mind! 

Like I said you’ll understand I’m trying to restrain myself here and what’s more she was all tooo aware I was looking, brazen she was, devoid of all shame, yes she’d average looks but I guess we all have to use our assets and she did look Dickens bored.)


©A. Shepherdson 2019


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