Why bother Voting when you live in a corrupt Democracy

Suffragettes in London

I haven’t voted in British Politics since losing the referendum vote in early 2016, the infamous vote to leave the EU in other words Brexit!

No I’ve not cast my electoral vote in either a By-Election, General Election or West Oxfordshire District Council elections for the simple reason I am finished with British Party Politics, and no I’m not particularly proud to make such a sweeping statement but after the lies that have been spun to we the people, I’d suggest it would be wrong to Vote.

Can a political system be considered that corrupt that’s in fact wrong to cast a Vote?

Remembering back to 2016, I cannot recall David Cameron saying we were potentially going to leave the EU in his Campaign speeches, he cleverly omitted that catastrophe and omg look where we are now about to crash out of Europe! The seventeen million citizens who voted to Remain are treated by our Political leaders as though we don’t exist, vilified by the Far Right as trouble makers in fact we’re treated with contemptuous withering distain and our voices certainly never listened to, whatever your opinions of Britain it certainly is not a free and fair democracy.

Vote for the opposition Parties instead I hear you say? Labour is just as weak and incompetent as the Conservatives, so no I don’t intend to Vote in an official party election ever again and being as I can be a bloody minded ‘so and so’, I expect myself to keep my word.

Ahh but some commenters will suggest, “if you do not Vote then you wave your right to debate and discuss Politics” well that’s utter bs (in my humble opinion!) Previous generations have created a political system where the stupid masses (and that includes me) have been asked to vote on an issue they neither understand or were given the truthful facts about to begin with from its Government………… in fact I agree with Sir Alan Sugar when he said Gove, Rees-Mogg and Johnson should be in jail for the lies they have told.

So no I won’t Vote again in British elections, however I will play my role in fighting against Political injustice and no I don’t mean I’ll be throwing rocks or fire bombs in the Street (hmm then again) I’ll not be party to any physical violence, however I do intend to join the Vote Remain marches that are being planned for this forthcoming summer, I doubt they’ll change policies but at the least marching is a protest. The last demonstration march I took part in was the late eighties when Margaret Thatcher announced the closure of many deep coal mining Pits.


And I’ve ALWAYS prided myself on this being a drama free WordPress! Therefore my next post won’t be Brexit related, how does a light hearted fun post sound?

©A. Shepherdson

9 thoughts on “Why bother Voting when you live in a corrupt Democracy

  1. You must vote! You must work hard to educate yourself on all the political agendas and issues and then enlighten those around you. To do otherwise is to let tyranny win. Women got the right to vote by sacrificing their lives and fighting for it. Never ever give up. The vote is too important. Ignorance wins if you don’t vote. That’s how America got “Drumph”.

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    • Lesley you are of course correct, we should all vote but finding a Party to believe in also be in agreement with their policies is difficult. The women’s suffragette movement was more clearly defined between what is right and wrong, these 100 years later we all accept withholding the vote from women was morally reprehensible also in defensible, Brexit is a whole lot more complicated with race hate, migrant workers and immigration thrown into the mixing cauldron. However I truly believe future Party politics will be very different, Labour and Conservatism are equally inept hence the power decision making vacuum, I truly believe Britain’s future lies between a Pro Brexit Party and a Vote Remain alliance who will viciously fight this war for the next 20 years, a revolution in all but name so yes it’s now time for me to work for the side I believe in. Sad times.

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      • Prejudice has to be abolished worldwide. Politicians supporting any bigotry need to go. America got Trump because he divided rather than United and increased hatred and racism . It seems to me, that bigotry also helped to create the mess you are in too. In the US we are now having candidates announce their run for President in 2020.And while I’d vote for my cat over Donald Trump, there are progressive candidates not supporting Israel, the only Democracy in the Middle East. That blows my mind. As a Jewish person I can’t support bigotry of any kind and certainly not someone against Israel. (In case you don’t know, ANY Jew world wide is automatically entitled to be a Citizen of Israel. When it was established a Jewish state in 1948 by the United Nations, they created their Constitution, which gave sanctuary to all people of the Jewish faith. Pre WWII, most European countries prevented citizenship to Jews. After 1948 We finally had a homeland. ) So while we may not care for the current Israeli President, those candidates won’t get the Jewish vote if the don’t support Israel. (And yes, everyone wants peace in the Middle East). So politics is very complicated. Most of the time citizens vote against who they don’t like rather than for a perfect candidate. Because there aren’t any.. Like I said. Anyone over Trump works for me. You may have to do the same. It sucks, but not voting is worse. Too many people died for the right to vote. You, being a white male never had that problem. But women, and POC or Jews did not have that right. So proudly cast your vote. It Shows our progress as a society. Politics is dirty. Hopefully “we the people” can make it better. ✌️

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  2. I have been voting for the past 20 years knowing full well that my party cannot win the elections because we are the minority, but we are desperately trying to keep an opposition party in parliament in this lopsided democracy. I feel your pain.

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    • Hester Brexit is a catastrophe waiting to happen and as you’ll be aware has very little to do with Europe, the far right in this country have cleverly linked leaving Europe to race and immigration and I truly fear for our future, if we don’t leave Europe then (legally) cheated vote leave supporters will create havoc because they are a bigoted nasty bunch! If we leave the EU then we will be committing economic suicide, a classic catch-22 scenario and I fear a maelstrom virtually unstoppable, perhaps (yes) I’ve been guilty of also living in denial because half the Country have been willing this to happen.

      On the plus side future Party politics will be brushed aside to be now replaced by a Pro Brexit Part (Registered just last week) also a Remain alliance so I know which one I will be supporting, a century old defined party politics is dead and finished. I feel your pain also, but most of all I feel sorry for several little people I know who’s futures are being taken away………… and whatever happened to D. Cameron? He’s truly not been seen in 3 years!

      (Big Sigh)

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  3. I can understand why you’re disillusioned – and why, as a Brit also, it may be hard to keep bringing yourself to back the ‘least worst option’ compromise all the time, but I agree with others: please consider using your vote. I say this with much sympathy!

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    • You and the other two lady commenters are of course correct, especially Lesley because several of her cousins died in Auschwitz concentration camp, so yes I should vote, there IS no excuse. I think up until just recently I’ve been both angry and in denial but I am going to demonstrate alongside other ‘Remainers because I expect there’ll be more marches’ this year, both because I wish to and because events are beginning to turn ugly 😦 . Goodness will prevail!

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  4. Fair enough, one can hardly suggest it’s political apathy when you’re out on the streets in (peaceful) protest. With the seeming two halves of beliefs that we have, it is impossible to see how an agreement that satisfies everyone can be reached. Strap yourselves in…

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