I’ve been betrayed by my own Government

BREXIT thoughts, I wonder what I’ll make of this post when I reread it after Brexit day?

2016 and Vote Leave’s ‘bloody’ red Bus! Reads like a sick joke in 2019

A coup d’état (def) is a sudden overthrow of a government usually by a small group of persons in positions of authority………. certainly feels like I’m living through one.

Today at Work the email (below) appeared in my Inbox, perhaps I shouldn’t share it on a Blog but I’m going to anyway, well an excerpt at least.


I am pleased I was sitting down when reading the Vice Chancellor’s passage, ‘Extraordinary as it seems, the prospect of Britain leaving the EU without an agreement has become more real in the past few weeks’, the iconic phrase ‘sending cold shivers down spines’ is much overused but not in this case, actually I tell a lie I’m unsure how I managed not to burst into tears! I don’t think I’ve felt such despair in my life before, for the first time in nearly three years I think we’re going to Leave Europe without a (bad) Deal.

I fear I have to agree with our Vice Chancellor, this past two weeks Brexit politics inside the Houses of Parliament has turned nasty, hateful, the worst I have ever known…………. I’m truly running out to describe how toxic this debate has become, in truth I’ve slowly reached an awful realisation, for the first time because I used to be an optimist by nature, yes I’m beginning to believe we’re going to crash out of the EU without a Deal yet I’ve still the nagging question will the EU actually allow this to happen?

We are entering the political end game, the EU says it will not reopen negotiations and Parliament will not budge over The Irish Backstop, stalemate, brinkmanship, the only other option is to extend the Brexit process by three months but NO ONE wants to see that happen, we’ll only be at the same point come June.

What then? Another three months?

But ever the optimist again I return to my question will the EU allow Britain to crash out without a Deal? There’s no doubt whatsoever we WILL descend into civil disorder and who knows how bad that could be, throughout history many countries have spiralled into revolutions once food becomes scarce, UK supermarket shelves emptying of bread and milk will cause panic, hospitals without drugs and medicines means people will die, and what if angry distraught upset relatives begin destroying hospital wards in search of medical supplies because their loved ones are dying?

Yes we’re entering the game, either MP’s or EU bureaucrats have to backdown or we are about Exit absent of a Deal and possibly the complete destruction of Britain itself, even the beginning of a European recession and worst of all we’ve been lied and lied to.

Donald Tusk was correct today, David Cameron in 2016 offered the Country a Referendum without setting in place an Exit plan prepared and ready to go, he set in motion a coup d’état which is now unstoppable.

(Finally, in my previous post I stated I dislike bloggers who didn’t reply to a comment, forget that piece of opinionated nonsense, perhaps the comments that are written just aren’t worthy of a reply 🙂 )

A. Shepherdson 2019


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