Snowing in Oxfordshire

Ok I realise I said in an earlier post that I’m not going to share quite so many of my YouTube videos, but you should know be now, I change my mind nearly as much as the weather does……………. hmm a pretty clever timely analogy don’t you think?

Not to worry though 🙂 perhaps I should learn not to take myself tooo seriously, so below you can see the video uploaded just now swirling snow flurries and all! I filmed it 12 o’clock last night and hopefully also compliments the blog photographs I ‘snapped’ in the previous post click Panic buying in Tesco’s

A. Shepherdson 2019

6 thoughts on “Snowing in Oxfordshire

    • Yes our extreme winter’s weather is usually the other way around, I’d guess this’ll be our covering for the winter but who knows? Surprises me how all the schools close their doors at the slightest excuse, when I was at school diggers would be shifting snow as we walked past!

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  1. Last year my kids’ schools were closed over a week . I suspect some teachers may live miles out on the moors for that chance of some annual snow days. But then, do I blame them?

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    • 😀 There speaks a mother’s intuition, but yes schools do seem to close at ANY opportunity, and seems unfair my sibling has then to take unpaid days leave to child mind.


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