A response post

Response to lauraoettigerbooks and anyone else with a passing interest in astronomy 🙂 .

Above you see my Skywatcher telescope and our Moon photographed by positioning my Fuji camera (purchased from eBay) above the eyepiece lens…………….. not ideal hence this digital picture is slightly blurred.

Not to worry.

Looking this evening at your blog photographs of Venus Jupiter and our Moon, I’m reminded I never asked if you have a telescope of your own? Then again that awesome camera lens of yours takes such fabulous photos perhaps you don’t need one 🙂 .

Anyways, the reason behind this brief response to your photo themed website is to say with a moderately priced refracting telescope, similar to my own pictured above, point at planet Jupiter and you will clearly make out the four Moons orbiting, however better still you’ll clearly observe the many surface bands encircling the planet itself!!! Blew me away the first time I saw it.

The drawback of refracting telescopes is of course they aren’t really suitable for deep space viewing, but I’m not too concerned perhaps one day when I’ve the money? Very briefly the reason refractors aren’t suitable for deep space viewing, is simply because cassegrain’s allow more light into the instrument, refractors are limited by the diameter of that first optic lens………………. larger the lens the more expensive the telescope 😦 .

Technical bit over!  

Anyways seeing as you’re interested in observing our Moon I thought I’d write a post rather than comment. Personally speaking I never tire of gazing at the Moon, yes I’d agree some people my feel deflated after buying a telescope seeing that you can only really look at the Moon in close up, also beautiful Jupiter, the white dot that is Venus, Saturn if you’re lucky and of cause orange Mars (lol again only a small dot) but that’s never worried me unduly, no the Moon never disappoints because the gazing experience is also emotional, men and women gaze in wonderment just because amongst the hustle and bustle of Earth life, looking at the Moon reminds us we are not alone in the Universe?

Lens 002.jpg
Zoom eyepiece which I’m yet to use……………. :/ hope it’s ok.

A. Shepherdson 2019 

11 thoughts on “A response post

      • You have seen my blog, and as you know I have taken my picture of the moon from my celestron astromaster. But as I am a complete noobie, I do not know what lense to buy for watch planets. Can you suggest me some

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        • Hi, I am by no means an expert and googling celestron astromaster I see it’s a reflector telescope, unlike mine which is a refractor. Yes a refractor is only useful for planetary but your telescope should still be able to see Jupiter and its moons, also Saturn if you can locate it! My Skywatcher wasn’t that expensive and came with a 10 also wide angle 25 eyepieces and with both I can see Jupiter, I’ve just purchased a zoom which I’ll write a post about in the future, also I’m aware celestron make zooms around the £80 mark.

          Which eyepiece to choose is a nightmare, you can spend a few pounds right up to viewing instruments in the thousands of pounds! So my advice would be to phone then email reputable Telescope sellers on the internet, and ask them questions, I’m sure they’ll have good answers……….. hope all that helps 🙂 .


  1. We saw the line of of planets around the Moon early yesterday before it clouded over with fog. The moon is fascinating and I am always sky gazing both night and day.
    Hope you are well and you seemed to have fell off my radar as it seems WP decided I am not following you anymore. Not that I pressed the unfollow. I find that is happening a lot more often.
    So will remedy that right now..
    Hope you are not snow bound, Take care

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