So Absurd It Must Be True

So guess what popped through my letterbox today? Yes, he says gazing at the photos below, I’d received my slim shiny package from Amazon Prime, which upon opening contained a purchased copy of ‘So Absurd It Must Be True’ penned by authoress Victoria Ray…………………. Now please hold that thought and I’ll reveal all later!

I’ve written tales, shared photographs thoughts and opinions on this my WordPress, however I haven’t written a book review before, a little daunting actually, so who better to describe her own book ‘So Absurd It Must Be True’ than the author herself, with text stolen borrowed from Amazon bookstore itself.

‘The “must have” book of the year!

One day it will all make sense to you…until then…grab the book to feed the good monster inside you.

As you turn the pages of Victoria Ray’s debut book, you’ll realize, once again, that the mix of humor, erotica and sci-fi is always the best medicine and that absurd things happen all the time, such as:

-A father of nine, who, on Valentine’s Day, is forced to have sex with every woman he meets
-A crazy producer with 50 phobias, one of which is his last name
-An author of an unfinished book, spending his days in fear of Mr. Best Seller, pancakes, his wife’s breasts and running
-A trip to a place called Escape, where a divorced woman, Mrs. Bouncy Tits, is surrounded only by hot men – until her last breath

The heaven of all absurd and bizarre is awaiting you on the pages of this book! When we see something strange, we immediately start thinking! Anything weird or odd activates our brains! These 42 strange stories are mind opening and will not only make you smile but will also make you think.

Are you ready to engulf yourself in some odd, silly and dirty tales that will make you smile?

Remember, these are adult stories, so share only with your mature friends!

So returning to that captured thought of yours, who is Victoria Ray you may ask? Well let me begin by saying how many of you reading here now have dreamed of writing a book? I follow many bloggers who at some point will share they’ve written a book, are in the process of writing a book or more often than not are part of a writing circle. Well Victoria Ray is one such WordPress blogger I’ve followed for this past 8 months and YES ‘So Absurd It Must Be True’ is the lady’s debut published book.

At some point we all dream of becoming a published author don’t we? Giving the reader a physical copy of their own stories tales or perhaps poetry, but very few persevere through sheer hard work to make the dream a reality, because from following Victoria’s blog I appreciate it’s a labour of love and definitely not for the faint hearted.

So I’ve opened my pristine virgin copy, dipped inside and yes Victoria tales are naughty and for adults to read, with scenarios and settings whether Courtroom or Bakery that are amusing, most definitely sexy and yes slightly absurd ‘wet treasure’ and all ( 😉 an inside joke between two bloggers)………….. an ideal read on tomorrow’s bus commute into Oxford 🙂 .

Victoria I hope my independent personally written Review has been ok, more than a little exciting seeing as I actually know of the author, because I omitted to say I’ve also taken part in her picture writing challenges, and lol you’ll find those here on my WordPress.

A. Shepherdson 2019

12 thoughts on “So Absurd It Must Be True

  1. hahaha… you shouldn’t buy paperback, I have to check formatting first (and all typos) 🤪, I told you 😂😂
    But, sigh🧐, you boys never listen 🙂
    True that – cool with a book, I mean its a “real thing”, not just “words: blah blah”, but REALITY. Hope next one will be better 😁😎🕺 And thank you for great review and share. I have to write a sequel for story with “WET TREASURE” haha

    Liked by 1 person

    • Victoria describes her writing style as ‘notty’, I think that’s because she’s Swedish yet writing in English…………….. I think there is a taster on her Blog, and we all need encouragement, she liked my attempts to her picture writing challenges which I really enjoyed having ‘giving a go’ at……. before this my WP I hadn’t written a single ‘creative’ line in thirty years.


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