MY new YouTube video: ‘How to fit a ………

….…………… my narration does improve! But as you’ll understand us guy’s are incapable at multitasking! Thinking and speaking whilst holding a camera lol ain’t so easy, it improves!

Jeeze I just had a thought!!! You know my previous Post, the sexy story with the warning NSFW, well don’t panic my new YouTube Video isn’t of an adult nature, NO definitely not, today’s 11 minute video displayed below instructs the viewer How To Fit New Taps onto their Bathroom Wash Basin

Btw narrated by me Andrew Shepherdson 🙂 .

Calling a Plumber can cost a fortune, so if you need to fit new bathroom Taps why not Do-It-Yourself, as for basic tools required a water pipe wrench and adjustable spanner should suffice. 

Regular Readers to my WordPress will almost certainly understand this ‘blog’ is eclectically themed, basically I write about ‘everything and anything’ that captures my imagination, the reason? Easy, variety excites my creative juices rather than blogging on one single theme, btw I should add I’m finished with writing sexy adult stories for the foreseeable future 🙂 , 😦 ‘Gemma’s Wet Kitty was perhaps a little tooo explicit for classy ladies with sensitive dispositions.

Please comment with questions or if you’d like to read a ‘How To Guide’, a written descriptive Post with photographs which could perhaps compliment the video.

©A. Shepherdson 2019

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