YouTube’s ‘How To fix something yourself’ videos are fabulous

Watching YouTube videos is great fun if you have time to waste spare, but amongst the skateboarding border collie videos, or women taking part in braless wet tee shirt competitions! Would you like to see videos of wet tee shirt competitions? No? Ok no. 😁

(Each to their own lol)

Washing machine 012

But sift through all the YouTube silliness and you will discover ‘How to’ videos both filmed and starring men and women showing/instructing/demonstrating to the viewer ‘How To’ fix something anything! Several years ago I installed a complete new bathroom suite and virtually learnt to tile walls by watching YouTube videos uploaded by enthusiastic amateurs, and yes they knew what they were doing and had the digital footage to help.

Now cutting a short story even shorter, I’ve filmed several ‘How to’ videos such as ‘How to cast concrete’ and to answer your next question ‘why do people do this?’ The reason why is as simple as passing on tips and ideas whether cooking, gardening or installing a kitchen sink. I’ve filmed several because they’re fun, lol I have a frustrated TV presenting ego but most importantly I’d love to think I’ve saved someone their hard earned money by having a try themselves………….. after all finding a Tradesmen, finding a Tradesman who will do a good job and won’t charge you a fee you’ll need a small bank loan to pay for, are all bloody nightmares. 

(Ok if you have a young family then I DO understand spare time is non existent.)

Jeez I watch those Tradesmen cowboys on the telly, thick unskilled highwaymen who’ll rip off innocent pensioners out of their savings……….. AND do a botched job!


Many years ago my Central Heating Pump stopped working, *****d it was, I remember opening the airing cupboard door gazing at the pump beside the copper water tank and thinking tooo myself, shall I fix it myself or call a Gas Fitter? Yep I opened my copy of Yellow Pages, took a punt on a guy I’d never heard of before, and yes he installed a new pump and yes my credit card took a hammering! He did a good job but overcharged me for the parts (after comparing his invoice to internet prices) and his frigging labour charges were astronomical (all Tradesmen are astronomical), so from that point on I promised myself to find and watch self-made YouTube videos and within reason have a go myself.

Now ok I’m an engineer by trade but still to this day I get a little nervous taking something apart myself and all I can advise is confidence is key. So here’s two observations, I’d say if you are both intelligent and practical then simple DIY isn’t rocket science, be methodical take your time, do your research and most importantly you’ll save money so why not have a go at fixing that wonky door?…..… Ok if the project involve electrics then DO NOT attempt it yourself EVER, get an electrician in who’ll do a safe and secure job, however I’d say most other ‘small’ projects are doable.

Hmm so now I am asking myself have I just explained in four paragraphs information you already know? After all that’s why people spend their Sundays wandering around DIY shops looking for paint wood nails and tools! Not to worry, the point to tonight’s post is ‘How To change a Washing Machine Door Seal’, this is the introduction the instructional post and accompanying video for my little YouTube Channel will follow sooon. 

Looking at the picture below my reason for fitting a new seal is simple for all to see, mildew mould! As you know if you allow cold water to settle on a surface give it time and mildew grows, whether that be window seals or bathroom tile grouting, mould is unhealthy unsightly and impossible to remove and my washing machine is a case in point. Just recently several black marks have appeared on freshly washed clothes and I have an idea where they came from!

Washing machine 010
My Washing Machine Door Seal after removing photographed 15/12/2018

A ‘How To’ post follows sooon………….. 

©A. Shepherdson 2018

2 thoughts on “YouTube’s ‘How To fix something yourself’ videos are fabulous

  1. Wonderful post!
    You Tube is the best for self help projects!!! I don’t know what I would do without it. I have found that someone, somewhere has made a self help video about every product on the market. I am a widow and live alone. My late husband and younger son were handy and could fix everything. After my husband died my younger son still lived locally and I could text or call him and ask if he knew how to fix various projects from plumbing to fixing a glitch on my iPhone. He usually could figure everything out.
    Now, I have no problem calling an exert, but if you can fix something yourself then why not try that first. And my son, Johnny is like a tech wizard and really great at doing projects. What I discovered early on was that anything electronic my son innately knew how to do. However, on other projects that he was not inclined to know, I watched him talk to Seri and ask for a video on fixing a noise on the disposal or whatever problem I had, like fixing something on my commode. Then I’d observe him, watching a video on how to fix the problem and after watching it he could go and fix my problem. After he moved out of state I learned to do the same thing. I can’t tell you how many little things I have fixed by myself just by watching a youtube video. And I feel so proud of myself when I’m done! You tube is awesome!

    When my friends call me for help with their computer or phone, I go over to their homes and bring along my iPad with me. I turn on youtube and watch a self help video and then go t work helping them solve their tech problem. 9 out of ten times there is a video showing how to fix their specific problem.
    In fact, you tube is so great that this is a pretty cool story:
    A friend of mine’s father passed away and she asked me if my son would like to have His old cameras . She knew my son was in the film industry and a camera buff so she told me that he could have any of his old movie cameras or still cameras. My son was thrilled. He graciously accepted and then when he brought them home his goal was to get them working properly so he could make films using authentic vintage cameras from the era. He went on you tube using the model numbers on each item. There were film geeks who had made little movies showing how to use modern parts to update the old cameras if they couldn’t find replacement parts. (Sometime eBay sells replacement vintage parts.). He watched and made a list of various parts he needed that could be used in each device and remarkably got all those vintage pieces working again. Then he made some his own videos showing how to use the cameras for various period/vintage lighting affects and telling the watchers about companies that still sell old film. So he learned from you tube and then made an even better self help video himself and uses that for people in the film industry.

    I don’t use you tube for entertainment (except to watch a music video then and then.) But, I use it all the time for self help videos showing me how to fix things. Honestly, It’s a girl’s best friend! It is like having a handy man on call!!
    Great post!!!!

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  2. 🙂 Girl’s and boy’s best friends both. Your son’s film camera story was a great read ty 🙂 , also a fabulous example of how YouTube can work for the betterment of society once you sweep away all the silliness and unwarranted drama. Human beings on the whole are friendly helpful animals, they get a buzz or thrill out of playing a TV presenter and love to be of help to anyone who will listen, when I watch these self help YouTube videos I really do understand why people film and edit them. ANYWAYS now 😀 I have to make my own which in-between doing a little shopping I’ll do tomorrow, I’ll write a plan of attack more like!

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