Am I (slightly) Racist? Sometimes I don’t know how to answer

(A quick afterthought, I realised at the time of writing my post, selectively choosing passages from D. Trump speeches would be controversial, problematic! I dislike the man and for what it’s worth this isn’t a post about Trump, yes a mistake to selectively quote him but at worst I guess the photos are good ‘click bait’. Andrew)

Ok I understand if we’re discussing racism, a loss of National Identity then quoting D. Trump is a writer’s wet dream…………….. not that I have sexy dreams about Trump but you get the idea .

Now for many British folk, transpose the word Mexico to Syria, and I have to admit Mr Trump’s spoken quotation rings a little true! Then again I am male, white, middle aged and working class……… a Right Wing disciple?
Ok this quotation is just darn right bizarre! Trump ‘hates Blacks counting his money’ but he’s happy to have ‘Skullcap wearing Orthodox Jewish men’ (googled) count his filthy lucre? Like I said bizarre!

Crop2Does a multicultural Britain worry me? If I’m completely honest yes it does, when I look at my mother’s photographs taken of her as a child in the 1950’s, each and every face therein is white of European descent, so am I a racist? No! Am I a white supremacist? Most definitely NOT! However please read on.

I’m employed let us say as support staff within a ‘blank’ establishment blah blah blah, for the past nigh on 30 years I’ve worked alongside young people also ‘other’s’ more important than me (unproven lol) who originate from every Country under the Sun, Venezuela to South Korea, Sri Lanka to The United States, and if successful after 3 years and 9 Terms they all return home (lol work it out!)

So yes by any stretch of the imagination Britain has little resemblance to the post war white faced Britain of my Grandparents, we’ve become swamped by an influx of West Indians in the 60s, Indians and Pakistanis in the 70’s, 900,000 Poles post joining the EU up to and past the 2000s, and that’s not forgetting those illegals taking the train beneath The English Channel from the other 27 Nations, NOT forgetting more recently migrant refugees from Syria, so many migrants now live within London and most metropolitan cities the European population dissolved into the Counties.

Are you shocked? What if your Granddaughter cannot find a house to buy because 900,000 Poles have moved here, true or not immigration not Brexit is the reason Britain’s are angry.

So I ask myself does it really matter Britain’s evolved from a 95% white population in 1945 to well, every Nation under the Sun in 2018? On the one hand immigration is the reason Britain is in such a political mess and that’s a frigging understatement! For those of you reading from your homes abroad, I’m quite popular in India btw looking by my statistics I’m loving that. For those of you who are under the impression our Brexit debate has been about leaving Europe? I’m here to tell you it is NOT, Brexit’s about immigration full stop, then again I watch the News from across the Globe and migration is every Countries perceived overriding problem worry, whether the Turkish influx into Germany or the North Africans walking into France or D. Trump building his blessed Wall to keep South American’s out, Migration of human beings scares each and every one of us and I’m afraid if you disagree then I’d say lol you are lying? Or “Less than contrite with the truth” as Bill Clinton would say.

Discuss 🙂 .

(Hmm now I’ve upset someone! Did you know 9 months writing and I haven’t received a single hateful comment? I’d guess that’s because I’m neither a woman and perhaps not as talented a ‘writer’ as I sometimes like to think then again I’m happy here…………. the old adage be careful what you wish comes to mind.)

So am I a racist? A question I ask of myself at least every single hour, ok several times a day, today I saw a photo of an Asian gentleman standing at the corner of Hyde Park, Speaker’s Corner where under British Law one is legally allowed to say whatever he/she wishes to without fear of arrest (lol perhaps google that fact before visiting.) Returning to my perfectly decent Pakistani gentleman in the photo HE was displaying a banner saying ‘Sharia Law in Britain NOW!’ Knowing the scare stories that I do concerning Sharia Law, I’m saddened to imagine a Britain Governed under such mysterious Laws when our Centuries old ones legislate just fine………. well ok they’re lol less than adequate but you get the idea, they punishes wrongdoers and lock up the evil.

(My understanding of Sharia Law is that women are treated as second class citizens.)

Hmm so am I racist wishing for the good old utopian days of post war Britain and there lies my problem, I enjoy the company of being with people from across the Globe, especially the beautiful East European girl who serves me Costa Coffee at breaktime! But I do worry my National Identity is disappearing fast, I’m not a racist because I’m a nice guy people person, but the shear numbers who’ve migrated here, with their own beliefs and customs means I’m afraid to say, yes the British Identity of my youth is fast disappearing.

Now please hear me out 🙂 .

Several months ago I visited The Tower Of London, such an atmospheric historic place for those who wish to immerse themselves in 1000years of English History, I clearly remember walking up a stone staircase in one of the Towers and feeling the overwhelming sense I was following in the very same steps as Elizabeth I, possibly the only Monarch who captures my imagination, quite an emotional experience actually understanding without a shadow of any doubt way back in the 1600’s she climbed this staircase. I was ACTUALLY stepping through the ghosts of Henry VIII, Sir Walter Raleigh, Sir Thomas Moore all such evocative and important names in my Country’s history, THEY WERE WITH ME and my imagination quite ran away with me.

Why such pride and fascination? Simply because though the names of my ancestors are lost in the midst of time, technically I could trace my lineage back to those 1600s because they’re all English by birth, I ask you does your Country’s history mean anything to you? Again hours later I recall standing beside Tower Green, the place where Anne Boleyn lost her head, asking myself  “do those Syrian beggars standing outside upon Tower Hill where so many Traitors were beheaded, really give a s*** about My England?”

Hmm life moves on, as my Grandfather used to say “good or bad you cannot stop progress.” 

And please don’t get me started on English Literature, will Shakespeare, Hardy, Dickens, Len Deighton, whoever become authors names lost in time, perhaps it’s always been this way, in fifty years from now Grandmothers will be lamenting the long ago days of X Factor, saddened because a Grandchild won’t have a clue what she’s talking about.

(Hmm I’m 😀 just reminded, I’ve never read a Shakespeare Play in my entire life!!! Watched all the Hollywood movies though.)

Lol the British White Tribe are angry and if we leave Europe and Japanese car plants move abroad then we’re all screwed! Am I racist? No. But if losing my perceived National Identity beneath a sea of cultures happens then yes I guess I am, do I enjoy the Company of people from across the four corners of our Globe? Then that answer is an unequivocal yes.

A famous quotation for you.

“…………did an English Missionary living and working in China think himself English or Chinese? English of course, the British immigrant population are no different, their home is the Country they were born in………….”

So which famous Politician am I quoting there? Enoch Powell of course, to some a racist to others his Prophecies have come true. 

And finally.

Only the other day I was discharged from Hospital, cared for by lovely kind skilled nurses from Europe Asia Australia……… , lovely people all, so please if my silly little post has offended anyone I sincerely apologise…… the real joy of having a ‘WordPress’ is we can dissect complex political arguments without fear of censure, peace and love ❤ Andrew. 

©A. Shepherdson 2018

13 thoughts on “Am I (slightly) Racist? Sometimes I don’t know how to answer

  1. Are you a racist? Only you can answer that my friend. But, when I read your comments, some of your statements DO sound insensitive and indeed politically incorrect, if not racist.

    Here’s a fact you aren’t realizing. I looked at the photos of your mom in her youth. Your mother is older than I am but essentially from the same generation. Growing up in the 1950’s like I did, I may have been younger than your mother, but we still had similar experiences. Her photos would all be with white children simply because people of color did not live in the same neighborhoods as white people back then. At least that was how it was in the United States and the UK was similar too. It wasn’t that immigrants weren’t around. They just didn’t live down the block from us. Not for a decade or more after WWII. I know that because growing up when I did there were separate neighborhoods for immigrants. In cities, my parents lived in Ohio and there were Jewish Communities, Italian communities, Black communities, Indian communities etc.
    In 1960 my family moved from a semi wealthy neighborhood in Ohio to Florida near Ft. Lauderdale. It was the first time I faced racism.
    Now please understand that I did my DNA. I am 99 percent European Jewish. The other 1 percent is from the UK. I have quite a bit of Russian, Polish, French in my DNA so I look about as White as white could be. Pale skin, a smattering of freckles, medium brown hair that turns blond and red when the sunlight hits it. My family is filled with a lot of blue eyed blondes. So I grew up my entire life with people telling me, “You’re Jewish? You don’t look Jewish.” To me that is a racist comment. I have heard it so often I want to smack anyone who is ignorant enough to say that. As if they are giving me a compliment. Why? Because they are thinking of the propaganda images put out for centuries that make all Jews look like demons, with horns and large noses. They don’t think of someone who looks like I do. Also, my hair is stick straight. (Like my father’s.) My mom had blonde curls and blue eyes. So does my oldest son, who married an Asian gal. Thus my grandchildren have almond eyes and beautiful curls. One has dark curls, the other has blondish brown curls. Genetics is pretty awesome.
    Anyhow, getting back to the past.
    If it weren’t for immigration, My grandparents on my father’s side who moved from Romania to France in the early 20th century traveled to the US in the 1920’s when Paris became unsafe for Jews. The rest of his brothers and sisters stayed in Paris. And in the 1940’s ALL were transported to Auschwitz during WWII and murdered, save one. Whose daughter recently found me on She thought she was the last of our line and learned that her grandfather’s brother traveled to America and she has relatives here. America put my grandparents through hell and back in immigration to come over here. My grandfather had cataracts and he had to travel separately for more money etc.. But he eventually came over, and my father’s family became successful businessmen. My mom’s family were from Russia and Poland and arrived in the early 1900’s to work in the garment industry. They too survived and did well in the U.S. But for immigration my entire family would have been killed by Hitler, so I have no sympathy for any of those people who think immigrants shouldn’t be allowed to come into countries for freedom. Why not? How smug and selfish. How do you call yourselves Christians and turn others away? I don’t get it. (Not saying regulations shouldn’t be put in place.)

    Donald Trump is an ignorant idiot. His father was a racist crook who was a member of the clan who got rich off the backs of others. Yes the Trumps always had Jewish lawyers and bankers because they wanted smart people. The Trumps were never known for their intelligence, just their greed. There are many stories in this country about the Trumps. And I have several dear friends who live in NYC and they run in similar circles. EVERY New Yorker hates the Trump family. They are corrupt. But they are showmen and sweet talked my country’s most ignorant voters and that is partially how an idiot won our Presidency. He will be impeached and go to jail. So I wouldn’t quote him if I were you.

    My family were immigrants, one side came from farmers, the other from well educated people in the arts, in music, in education, a long line of famous Rabbis who in doing my dan were considered Jewish Royalty and intellectual masters. The other side were merchants and hard working people. ALL good citizens. Alive only because they traveled to America and avoided the Nazis.
    Back to My point which is….. I grew up in segregation as a child like your mum did. I only saw white faces like your mother did. But I knew other people lived in my world. When I moved to Florida I was shocked to know there were restricted country clubs and hotels that Jews weren’t allowed to attend. I walked into a classroom of southern children and one asked me if she could see my horns. I had no idea what she meant. She had never met a Jew before. Prejudice is terrible thing. I didn’t go to school with POC until college where at the University of Miami students from around the world attended. I saw no difference in them. I marched in protest for equality.

    I am ashamed of my President for his bigotry.
    How people look is no reason to exclude anyone. The only difference now that we all live and work together. They were always around us, just separated from us.

    So my childhood photos look like your mothers. But I sat in the car once when my father drove our maid home one day when the buses were not working. I saw the black community up close that day and where my maid Rachel lived. I cried all the way home. I saw poverty and knew it wasn’t fair. When my maid, Rachel would take her lunch break, I would sneak down to the basement and listen to her music. I watched her dance and asked her to teach me to dance like her. She taught me the jitterbug and to appreciate should music and jazz.. (Much like the musical Hairspray.) When I became a teenager and we had parties, I was the best dancer around because I learned some fabulous moves from Rachel. Dear Rachel, Who ironed my clothes in the basement of my home and cleaned my house. It was the norm for me. And she called me Miss Lesley and I thought that was funny. I didn’t understand until years later that she wasn’t allowed to use the upstairs bathroom. She spent more time with me than her own children and that made me very sad. I hadn’t realize that my mother, who was a kind woman, was doing what everyone did in the 1950’s. Treating a worker as if she were less important than we were. And that was wrong.
    You are looking at pictures that only tell half of the story. Find photos from a person of color and learn the real truth. These people were always around. White people just never wanted to see them.

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    • Thank you Lesley for responding with such eloquently written thoughtful comments which incidentally I’ve reread several times. To begin with I wouldn’t disagree with your ‘when I read your comments, some of your statements DO sound insensitive and indeed politically incorrect, if not racist.’ Perhaps my judgement is coloured by the insane politics going on in my country, I’m angry and livid in equal measure and btw I voted to REMAIN.

      We are currently standing upon a cliff edge and if we leave Europe without a deal, a thuggish Europe will make us pay and cruelly punish Britain, for years! People will die in Hospitals and a generation of children will have had their futures stolen so yes perhaps my current thinking is blighted by the political madhouse I’m currently living in. My sibling works in the NHS which wouldn’t function without cheap foreign labour, plus they work hard, I guess all I’m trying to put across is there must come a point when a country is too full to function, not enough schools, doctor’s surgeries, Hospitals, affordable housing, road space, finances to help refugees but there you are hopefully common sense will prevail. Thank you Lesley

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      • I appreciate your original blog, AND your response. BTW, I don’t think you’re a racist, I merely suggested that depending on who reads your blog, one’s POV depends on one’s own experiences. I do totally understand your Brexit concerns. I just think Democracy often has it’s downfalls when voters don’t do their homework. People these days are intellectually lazy and have become ignorant voters. In my country the electoral college was created to prevent ignorant, uneducated citizens from having the final say. Yep, that’s true. And in the 1700’s all members of Congress were highly educated men. The founding fathers assumed they were preventing some ignorant fool taking over the government. Sadly, the opposite happened this time since the US is so vast the electoral college helped us elect a fool. Government doesn’t always work so well in an over populated world such as ours.

        I hear your concerns and understand why some people have their political opinions. We are ALL standing on a political cliff these days and it’s very scary. If I were 20 years younger I’d run for office. The time is right for women. I just don’t have the energy any more to fight all the battles and the beauty of being in my 60’s is that I tell it like I see it. I couldn’t be politically correct anymore. I’d look my President right in the eyes (yuck) and have the guts to let him know he’s an ignorant dolt who doesn’t understand the constitution and is a selfish, greedy son of a gun. At 40 I’d never say that. But in my 60’s I wouldn’t let any man with the IQ of a cabbage tell me what to do. That’s progress, baby! Gloria Steinem wrote (I’m paraphrasing) That men get more conservative with age and women become more liberal and open minded. So both our countries probably need a bunch of cantankerous gray haired grannies to set our countries on a better path.

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        • 😀 yes yes YES! Men do get more conservative with age and women more liberal, I’ll remember Gloria Steinem’s observation, jeeze you just do not know the number of middle aged white right wing working class males I’ve met in my lifetime with their insane rants……… uhmm me included! Incidentally I’ve written a second follow up post where I ‘finger’ four men I hold responsible for our Brexit shambles, they lied to the electorate, they knew coming out of Europe would be this problematic but they deflected the truth because their agenda is to (paraphrasing Trump) ‘Make Britain White Again’………… lol stop the world spinning because I wish to get off!!!! Politicians lied to the public to get what they wanted, so no surprise there then.
          You say ‘People these days are intellectually lazy and have become ignorant voters’ I couldn’t agree more and said as much on your excellent post themed Brexit written in 2016, perhaps some issues in life are FAR to important to let the great unwashed electorate (me included) vote upon…………. and I’m all for grannies running the world.
          TY Lesley

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          • Ha! If only Grannies could run the world. Lol
            Your most recent reply was delightful to read. So true how much of the public was duped by phony politicians. I suppose It’s human nature for people to want blame others. My daughter in law was insulted this week when she read contestants at the Ms Universe contest bullied those who didn’t speak English and were caught on video insulting Ms. Philippines. Well, she’s Filipino and so she had her feelings hurt. Had they bullied Ms Israel I might have been insulted too. (except I don’t watch beauty contests and Israeli women are tough as nails and fight in the army so they can take care of themselves. Think Wonder Woman actress Gal Gadot. BTW, my DNA test says I’m a distant relative to both Gal Gadot and Natalie Portman. Both Israeli born but their family’s in Europe were cousins to my family. Pretty cool ). Anyhow…I guess what I’m saying is here’s a group of women, all gorgeous, and they’re still putting each other down. Try to figure the logic in that? It’s ridiculously immature. I suppose we just have to accept that it’s human nature for people to gripe about other people. And the entitled ones are usually blind to their entitlements. The thing is, that with age comes wisdom and I could easily tell younger people to chill out and just be grateful for what they have. Why blame others for their own shortcomings? Nobody promised any of us anything. Life is difficult. Big deal. BUT… we WERE promised (legally) the right to life,liberty, and the pursuit of happiness. Our constitution tells us we’re entitled to the pursuit of happiness NOT that we’re going to be happy or we’re going to be rich. Just that we can try to get there. If it doesn’t happen then it doesn’t happen, but it’s nobody’s fault. It’s ridiculous to blame others. Shit just happens!
            Congress is made up of a bunch of old white cranky men but hopefully things will change because there’s a lot more women starting in January and I think women are usually a little more logical and don’t fight as much. (We tend to discuss and compromise more easily than men). But we shall see. We are polarized now in America and it sounds like you are also polarized where you live. And why? All because people want to hate people who are different from who they are. Honestly, it’s just silly. Brexit.. good gosh what were you guys thinking? I guess The same nonsense as the fools who voted for Trump. 😩 We are all screwed. 😳😢

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            • You wrote ‘Brexit.. gosh gosh what were you guys thinking?’ good question Lesley, this Christmas we’re all asking ourselves this, I guess the answer is we weren’t paying attention to the small print in David Cameron’s election manifesto, busy lives?…….. Oh well the soap opera will play itself in 2019. 🙂 Its been lovely chatting with you this evening Lesley.

              (Before I lol pop off to bed did you ever read my Auschwitz post? In fact it’s a favourite of mine, the young lady’s story was very moving. Anyways you may enjoy reading if that’s the right word.)


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  2. Wow. As an older American woman I’m going to have to take issue with the premise that all old grannies are duped into believing that insensitivity and “toxic masculinity” are the roots of all evil. I lived with Ivy league educated socialists for a summer who successfully convinced me that “brilliant” people with theories about how to “help” the ignorant masses were in many cases the most hateful and miserable people. Their disdain for anyone different (or less educated) was truly disgusting and their misery was tough to be around. I’ve also traveled to incredibly poor countries destroyed by socialism.

    I’m so tired of hearing white western men apologize. I think the reason people voted for Trump has more to do with their anger against establishment politicians who pretend to care but just make a mess of things. I personally don’t want my daughters under Sharia law and don’t understand modern feminism’s blindness on this issue. I think national sovereignty and the rule of law serve to protect people and until very recently saying this would not have been controversial.

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    • I loved that you’ve shared these thoughts and thank you, oh and 😀 I’ll not refer to ‘grannies again. I would suggest most of Britain this Xmas is angry with establishment politicians who pretended to care, for nearly 3 years they done little else but tell us lies to shroud a darker political agenda, we’re an unhappy angry Country at present and I worry how this Brexit tragedy will play out, ‘Rome burns’ and all the while migrant Doctors Nurses Teachers and Engineers return to their European homes 😦 .

      I’d guess we are where we are simply because British men and women haven’t been listened to since WW2 and I feel no shame in saying I loved how my Country used to be, all we ask of Governments is to keep us safe but when I hear Troops being put on stand-by and Ferry space being booked to carry food drugs and hospital supplies I ask myself “what went so badly wrong to end up where we are!” Still, I must be positive perhaps in 2019 common sense will prevail :/ .


      • I actually wasn’t insulted by the grannie comment. You see how much we have to apologize these days? It’s insane. If people knew even a little bit of history they’d easily see that there are no perfect people but thank God for the men on the front lines who have fought for other people’s safety and freedom (a rare and lately underrated thing). We all sit around pointing out how offended we are by speech and miss the big picture of corporate elites openly displaying they’re complete disdain for the average men and women of Europe and America. By saying that I love Western Civilization with its laws and rights I’m in danger of being considered an extremist. Ugh. Don’t get me started.

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        • Oh dear I appeared to have missed your comment in my notifications, not to worry. Perhaps World War one and two are the last truly honourable Wars where yes good honest men fought and died for a freedom from tyranny, honour valour ideals and safety of their families, now of course we’re a great deal more cynical. I hear you! I love my country but I fear because I’m also white skinned I most definitely am considered an extremist……….. with out question which is so very sad, what’s wrong with taking pride in your customs and history? Lol the white tribe are frightened and fearful omg now I sound like Trump!!!


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