Memory problems…… what memory problems?

‘While mild forgetfulness can be a normal part of aging, it can also be a sign of more serious memory problems, such as amnestic mild cognitive impairment, dementia, or even Alzheimer’s disease.’ 

(U.S. Department of Health & Human Services.)

In all seriousness I sometimes worry if I’m losing my mind’s awareness of what’s going on around me, the conscious powers of my brain are starting to ‘tail-off?’, or can my forgetfulness be just another consequence of getting old………………. like one’s pubic ‘bush’ thinning out, so you’ve noticed to!!


I’m age 50! I’ll walk into a room knowing that I’m supposed to be looking for something but for the life of me I cannot remember what I was looking for, it happens all the time! A humorous line often said by many an aging adult, HOWEVER very true if more than a little worrying!

Last night before bedtime I walked into the bathroom and instantly saw an empty toothpaste tube on the shelf above the sink, it was empty that same morning when I told myself “I must buy a replacement”………… I didn’t, the consequence last night I had to cut the tube’s nozzle off and scrape out enough paste to brush my teeth, well at least I’m saving money and doing my bit to prolong the planet!

In all seriousness my moments of forgetfulness does sharpen the mind, more than a little disconcerting, my father now suffers from severe memory loss and I’ve written about caring for elderly parents before! We as a family first noticed his forgetfulness and blossoming deterioration about three years ago, it’s only in hindsight that you can pinpoint the beginnings of dementia and how bad it’s become, the process creeps up on you. First there’s the absent minded forgetfulness then several years later he stopped all engaging conversation, it’s heart-breaking to witness especially when I remember he was a University educated schoolteacher………………. dementia has zero regard for a human being’s intelligence.

Here and now doing a quick bit of mental arithmetic I have about 24years to reach the age at which dad began to fail, jeez an awful lot of life can happen in 24years and who knows I may not make it? As a consequence I’m not obsessed with panicked worry assuming Alzheimer’s is about to strike (and for once I’m NOT trying to be funny), HOWEVER I’m curious at what point does a person first realise his mind’s about to slip into dementia? Why don’t we hear mental health experts telling us how to diagnose the first signs of forgetfulness, a cruel wheeze dreamt up by God that will soon rob you of all thinking reasoning and knowledge of the world and people around you? Answer medics either cannot or don’t choose to, perhaps knowing beforehand is all to scary and I’ve heard said human beings brains are just not powerful enough to cope with modern day living, hence that’s WHY we forget! The reason for forgetfulness in an aging species?

I’m going to have ‘Has anyone seen my keys?’ Engraved upon my headstone.

Or on reflection maybe I haven’t done the relevant research then again perhaps it’s best not to know, one of the biggest mistakes in life you can make is Googling a medical symptom (we’ve all done it) BECAUSE the engine’s answers will be many varied and wrong.

So I guess I’ll carry on bathing in the shower trying to remember if I’d taken that herbal mint infused bag out of my tea mug? Btw this happened 25 minutes ago 😦 .

©A. Shepherdson 2018

15 thoughts on “Memory problems…… what memory problems?

  1. I like to say my forgetfulness (I’ve missed multiple appointments recently) is due to Lyme Disease because I’m too vain about ageing but my mother says the way to keep your mind strong is to pretend you’re never going to die.

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  2. I think this is something that worries all of us just a little, Andrew, but we also tend to laugh at our little “episodes”. I think the best thing we can do for ourselves is to live our life to the full, for as long as we can.

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    • Hester every person I know has their own forgetfulness stories, we tell them because they’re nearly always funny and that’s the only way to be……………. but I honestly think our modern day hectic lifestyles don’t help. Just image, all that cavemen had to worry about was how to catch a lion for tea!!!

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      • Bwahaha, no stress there – just grab a lion. No seriously, I think you’re right. These days I’m to scared to open my mouth, just in case a non-pc word or phrase slips out. All of a sudden humankind is so thin-skinned and I really don’t want to hurt anybody. I need an island retreat.

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  3. I shouldn’t worry too much Andrew.. It happens all the more to me these days too.. I have texted my sister twice this week saying I would ring in the evening, then promptly forgot to ring her until she rang me today :-D.. Its a common thing to go upstairs for something and come back down again not knowing what I went to fetch in the first place.. 🙂

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    • After showering I went straight to the kitchen and yes there was my tea mug with lol a mint bag still brewing!!!! I know exactly how you feel I’ll go upstairs and invariably forget what I went for, perhaps the reason for human forgetfulness is simply because our brains aren’t designed to process SO much modern day information. Anyways not to worry, this fun post has turned to be a discussion point so 🙂 I’m happy. Thank you.

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      • My head buzzes and my ears wine, so I have been turning the modem off much more often. And feeling better for it.. Our senses are being bombarded constantly with electronic waves from all over.. Goodness knows the implications when they roll out 5G… I have been researching into it and its not good.

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        • Omg I didn’t know WiFi electronic ‘noise’ can make a persons head buzz, my heart goes out to you Sue. Someone at my place of work had measurements taken from an Electric Transfer positioned not far from his office and the readings were quite high, who knows what effect this might have? Anyways I guess the answer is for everyone to give their heads a rest and switch off those Modems and phones from time to time. Take care, Andrew

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    • I’d guess I’m not the only person who’s ever contemplated that engraving 😀 .

      You are of course right Victoria, an awful lot of living can happen in 24yrs………….. oh and Karina is fine 🙂 .


  4. Haven’t you always forgotten things though, without attributing it to age? I had a tense disagreement with a colleague the other day about whether so-called ‘pregnancy brain’s is real – I don’t think so, just a tendency to ascribe various things that occur anyway to a new physical state. More likely too, having had 2 children, I was annoyed being told what pregnancy is like by a man!

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    • Haha that’s dodgy ground indeed, debating with a lady ‘pregnancy brain’s’ may not be real! Reflecting on my post I guess I’ve always forgotten things, perhaps modern day living is all tooo complicated for cavemen brains?


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