NO longer can I avoid buying a Smart phone

Eagle eyed readers to my WordPress ❤ of which there are several, will be aware only my little toe is dipped into the pool inhabited by users of social media, unlike the majority of the Global population.

I’m not on social media, I don’t have an Instagram, Facebook doesn’t ‘float my boat’ and as for Twitter? Why has a tyrannical image of Donald Trump appeared in my mind? Nope I’ll pass on Tweeting my ‘many’ opinions but I’m not necessarily trashing Twitter, and don’t forget many a blogger has a feed alerting followers to their new Posts 🙂 Tweeting is the way forward bloggers!

Pictured above resting comfortably on the palm of my hand is YES my mobile phone, a trusty friend that’s accompanied me on many a sexy afternoon with a lady, I love my Nokia! I can make a phone call, send a text using character written emojis, the alarm awakes me out of bed at 5.45 every morning, a torch function is helpful at times, the battery lasts two weeks without charge oh and my mobile only cost me £15 when new 😮 .

But of course as with all technology an Asian electronics corporation will release a new generation device, making the old version obsolete then you have to take out a bank loan to buy the new upgrade……………. oh and did I tell you mine’s near indestructible? Not forgetting any new phone will have a camera and I’ll HAVE to trash my £8 Fuji digital camera, incidentally have you seen the photos on my countryside walking blogs? 

However I’ve realised over the past several months I WILL have to bite the bullet and purchase a Smart phone, I’m not so worried about spending my hard earned wages on one because I guess I’ll soo get used to spending hours of a day looking at the tiny screen, my index finger scrolling through websites with adverts linking me to suggested purchases via Amazon. So yes even though I’m not heavily reliant on social media I’m positive I’ll soon be hooked by this tiny genius device, I’ll be walking along the pavement eyes captivated by a tiny screen oblivious to the natural world going on about me.

(So you’ve noticed this teenage girl phenomenon as well?)

I borrowed this photo from a News story which read ‘Girl walks off end of pier whilst checking her Facebook’ 

I’m curious to know, is it only British girls who appear to have a mobile phone glued to one hand?

When I first sit at my work bench of a morning, coffee in one hand the open pages of Metro’s free newspaper laid out before me, the Grandfather sitting to the left is looking at his Facebook feed, the middle aged father to my right is YES glued to reading his Facebook messages……….. THEN at 7.33am both will be reminded by the boss to switch their devices off.

And why do I have to buy myself a smart phone? Not because the Nokia is broken (I’d guess it’ll work for 20 years more), no, every utility Company I purchase heating gas electricity water also banking telephone from also insurance providers now have me in a virtual neck hold (or my testicles held in a vice like grip, lol you’ll have your own analogies) instructing me to operate my accounts via an ‘app’

Apparently I’ve reached a stage in my life that I need to download the relevant ‘apps’ to function as a human being and that annoys me!

😀 But give it a week and I’ll be sat at my workbench 7.20am reading WordPress blogs, watching YouTube videos and unable to understand how I ever managed to live without a Smart Phone?…………….. Actually I’m quite looking forward to getting one!

A. Shepherdson 2018


11 thoughts on “NO longer can I avoid buying a Smart phone

  1. I bought the bullet in January of this year.. swapping from a similar one.. I did not go mad, just a decent phone with touch screen.. But it is useful for watching YouTube 🙂 I don’t belong to FB or Twitter and I don’t have my emails attached though I could..
    It took about two months to get used to, and I still am slow with it all.. My hubby still has one similar to yourself, pay as you go.. 🙂 and the credit he puts on can last years lol… As he rarely uses it..
    I always switch is off though to sleep, and even though it connects to WiFi, there is a health downside to these devices, which no one is addressing and goodness knows what will happen when they want to upgrade to 5G… A post may be forthcoming on my main blog on that one in Dec..

    Hope alls well with you its been a while since I saw an update.. and came visiting..
    Take care… Sue

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    • Hi Sue so lovely to hear from you 🙂 , I understand your concern with 5G ever since hearing Chinese Telecom Firms make the hardware but I guess we have to trust their motives are to serve and make a profit. And I’m with you, the Smart phone I purchase will be cheap and cheerful simply because I don’t need it for lol Twitter, however reading WP blogs will be fun. Have a great week, Andrew.

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  2. Know the feeling. Sometimes think Twitter looks fun, but Facebook, who has the time? Luckily, my daughter says it’s for oldies anyway (okay, I am an oldie to her, but still.) Sometimes I miss buttons on the phone!

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    • I agree Twitter looks fun but I’ll leave it. My Facebook post linked above tells a tale of a 20year old work colleague who deleted his Facebook, the short version of my tale is not one of his friends had noticed! Oh and yes I love the buttons.


  3. My husband has a Samsung with buttons and he’s forever crying his eyes out because his whatsapp is not functioning properly. Men! I’ve been using a touchscreen for quite a while and also had to upgrade in order to keep up with online banking demands. Well, look on the bright side – I don’t have to wait in the queue at the bank.

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    • :/ Wouldn’t surprise me in the least to hear Banks and Far Eastern telecom companies are working in cahoots, and I have to admit I’m more than a little worried Smart phone technology will be all to much for me………. I feel your husband’s pain 😀

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