I don’t understand why ‘he’ wears denim miniskirts

Should I burn in Hell for all eternity admitting I don’t understand why?

Sharon Needles Night 004
A Googled Image, a ballsy confident guy/girl with lots of attitude!

I’m a red blooded heterosexual guy, hold on let me rephrase that! I’m a randy heterosexual guy who ain’t laid a lady in ages, and what’s the association with red blood and virility anyway……….. as you may have guessed I’m pretty confused this evening and lol not high on illegal substances!

Mind you if you’d been following my blog closely you’ll know I’m a breasts and ladies man through and through.

Ok apologies for this post before I begin, it’s bound to upset someone, hopefully 😀 ! You’ll have possibly guessed by the Title above I’ve met a guy who wears women’s dresses………… in fact there’s more than one, I cannot say tooo much about my place of employment because well………. many months ago someone at work read my blog who actually knew me! All I will say is the establishment is education related and populated by many academically (highly) intelligent men and women many of whom lack basic common sense, but that’s another story!

Now criticise me in comments please, but I have to be truthfully honest and say I struggle to understand why these two guys spend their working day dressed in women’s clothing? One of them dyes his head purple and wears denim short skirts, the guy in IT dyes his long hair a shocking shade of ‘bubble gum’ pink and totters around in high healed shoes, though I will say he’s the legs to carry off shear black stockings and pencil skirts!………….. I’m not saying I’d ask him out on a date mind but he’s passable for a lady except for the five o’clock shadow come late afternoon!

Now just so as you’re aware I’m not homophobic, I’m an openminded live and let live type of guy okay!……… I’ve a relative in a same sex relationship, two of my old schoolfriends are gay and I’d sleep with two naked lesbian lovers any day of the week!

Being serious for a second, my place of work of course promotes and supports a LGBT community in the form of themed events and social Groups, in fact Cara (he of denim short skirts) is the President, he seems a nice guy, I of course don’t stare at his legs as I politely say………..

“Good morning Cara” or “weather’s turned cold again” or similar pleasantries however I don’t know these two guys other than to say hello………… now feel free to judge me please but Cara doesn’t appear at all feminine, and perhaps my lack of understanding/appreciation is down to my lack of education, but in my defence since age sixteen I’ve worked in male dominated factories and foundries, stereotypical right wing institutions, frequented by bs spouting working class heterosexuals, some racist and all with tooo much testosterone coursing through their veins………… yes I’m ill informed and possibly prejudicial?

(I’m also playing Devil’s advocate.)

I’m also confused, Cara in LGBT literature refers to himself in print as ‘She’ yet I guess he has a willy? One time I actually witnessed him walk into the lady’s cloak room/toilet and that was a shock and a half I can tell you!! But reading her literature and overhearing gossiping tongues I’m VERY aware if I was to say something out of turn and within earshot, he would formally complain and I’d quite probably lose my job……………….. she takes his Trans Gender extremely seriously I just wish he’d the legs for wearing short skirts that’s all 😀 . Confused? I am.

Perhaps I should enrol myself in the LGBT Society to be informed and educated? I’m open minded with a live and let live outlook, but for my sins I have a strong working class upbringing and wasn’t birthed by over sensitive parents.

But I’m not the only person to be confused, it appears to me British society in the broader sense struggles to understand Transgenderism, you have female guests complaining to the Youth Hostelling Association because they’re sleeping, in what they’d assumed, would be women only bunkbeds only to find Transgender men were sleeping within these open plan dormitories…………. a female journalist said she felt vulnerable uneasy and frightened even, but of course the YHA legally has it’s hands tied.

The Transgender community is very vocal, extremely political and I’d guess British Institutions are frightened to say the wrong thing, scared of landing themselves in Court or caught in the ‘crossfire’ of a Twitter ‘shit-storm’, jeez I’m mixing my metaphors once again!

A penny for your thoughts.

A. Shepherdson 2018



10 thoughts on “I don’t understand why ‘he’ wears denim miniskirts

  1. Never commented on your blog before but I had to say, political correctness is ridiculous. I don’t mean we should go around callously insulting people for the fun of it, but treading on constant eggshells is ridiculous and goes against every notion of freedom of thought and speech.
    Offence is subjective and can only be taken not given, so I can’t give you offence, you just take it when and as you please and so what? You’re offended…and? Did the world crumble around you as planets collided and the apocalypse loomed over head? No. Some words hurt your feelings. Boo effing hoo. I tell you what hurts worse than words: punches, kicks, slaps, etc. Emotional, physical and mental abuse. Those things all hurt. But if you call me a name that I don’t like…well I’ll get over it and so should everyone else.
    Be a nice person and that’s that and your niceness will come back to you tenfold.

    Those are my thoughts!

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    • Thank you for commenting 🙂 I welcome anyone who takes the time to respond to my ‘thoughts’. I agree with you Political Correctness can appear to go against freedom of expression, freedom of speech AS long as it’s not considered bullying, a tricky one to get right! HOWEVER comedians for centuries have found amusement in ridiculous PC controversies and should be encouraged to comment and poke fun at ‘sacred cows’ such as ALL religions and the like……….. lol that’s my take anyway. TY.

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  2. It may take getting used to, but if someone does no harm in being themselves… We don’t have to tread on eggshells, just be open minded, extend friendship, and know it takes all sorts to make the world – it always has.

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    • I wholeheartedly agree 🙂 if we all lived our lives by allowing people to be who they are then life would be happier for everyone (perhaps my post was a little too negative in parts, Cara doesn’t worry me, it takes a little while to get used to her short skirts that’s all)

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  3. On the bright side of things our world is far from boring. Now the 1950’s (American 1950’s) that was mind numbing boring (so I was told). Today’s world is one fascinating time. 🙂

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