Steam Railway visit (pt 2/2)

(I realise part two of my recent visit to a heritage steam railway is a little late, it’s a photo blog so nothing tooo heavy but better late than never? Anyways reading part one really will help you understand the narrative of this evening’s post. 🙂 My take is enjoy the photos of a very unique British tourist attraction.)

GWR Steam Railway Fuji 019
GWR’s crown jewel is a Type Merchant Navy Class locomotive now lovingly restored


Several of you will be aware 01/09/2018 I visited a Gloucester Steam Railway Attraction click here for part 1 where you’ll discover ‘many’ photographs taken by moi on the day.

GWR Steam Railway Fuji 037
Cheltenham Town platform the beginning of my journey, the gentleman standing on the platform wearing Company dress of the day is in fact an UNPAID volunteer……… in other words his passion and hobby is steam trains. (Btw that’s my train under the bridge.)

Below Toddington Station and a very typical railway platform scene, I travel British railway of today and I cannot remember seeing flowering hanging baskets……….. again arranged by volunteer enthusiasts God love them oh and the homemade cakes were lovely.

GWR Steam Railway Fuji 023
Several station stops after Cheltenham Town and I am now standing on Toddington station platform

Below I’d guess this is how a 1940’s railway waiting room would have appeared, a telephone manufactured from Bakelite and a coal burning fireplace to heat the room in winter. 

Below photographs taken from within the carriage I was travelling in, yet again built 1940’s with wooden panelling and extremely comfortable it was to! Incidentally heated via steam pipes from the err steam engine!

Below our locomotive taking on water a common sight on all steam railways of the era.

In light of present day terrorist atrocities blighting every town and city across the globe, my photos below just show how times have changed with these piles of unattended suit cases laying unattended on a platform, I would add this scene is far from being staged for a camera! Watch any black and white movie of the era and this is what you will see stacks of luggage!……….. A security nightmare if ever you saw one.

The heritage railway also has vehicles owned by the train Company on display with the lorry below left painted in GWR dark brown and cream livery……… incidentally I’d never seen a three wheel truck before.

Now for two photographs (below) taken by me gazing out the window at the countryside gently rolling past……….. if you are interested the County is Gloucestershire.

……………. and finally the Railway is also home to heritage diesel locomotives circa 1960’s and my opinion JUST as important to save for future generations to enjoy and travel on.

©A. Shepherdson 2018 (Feel free to copy photos from these two Heritage Railway Blogs)

9 thoughts on “Steam Railway visit (pt 2/2)

  1. Thank you for the nostalgic journey nothing quite beats Steam.. I remember those old coal scuttles buckets, and my Gran had the old fashioned fire with oven to the sides she would bake bread and rice puds in the top oven..

    We have come a long way in such a short time when you look at phones today 😀 Thank you for the journey and those pictures, have a great weekend.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Thank you Sue I’m so pleased you enjoyed, I don’t remember a coal scuttle but I do recall sitting in my Grandparent’s ‘parlour’ enjoying the warm glow from their open fire (and they had similar Bakelite telephones in their home). And looking back to the 1970s Railway waiting rooms did resemble this one in the photo, I think it’s only relatively recently our public spaces went sparse stainless steel functional, that’s called progress! Have a great weekend yourself. Andrew 🙂

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  2. Wow, these old trains are magnificent. When I grow up, I want to buy my own train and I also want one of those old telephones. Yes, times are different – I remember when we did not lock our doors at night and left our bicycles lying outside the house without being afraid that someone would steal them.

    Liked by 1 person

    • The engines were a magnificent sight in full steam, this part 2 post is err quite late uploading but a blog idea always seemed to pop up from know where and I kinda forgot to create the post? Anyways here it is and yes I’m absolutely sure the 1940s were simpler happier more certain times, but we are where we and perhaps the future won’t be so bad……….. I’m hoping so. TY

      Liked by 1 person

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