My take on computer games

A reflective post this evening discussing the differences between the childhood era I grew up in as compared to youth culture of today……….. we’re talking computer games! Oh and keep in mind I AM a cheerful ‘live your life as you wish’ kind of guy, remember this whilst you’re reading. TY 🙂

Female-gamersNote I’m not having a go at young people, I do understand computer games are more than just play to today’s children unlike in my youth when I was outside riding my bike or constructing go carts from old timber AND (stolen) pram wheels………… but I get it! Gaming’s socialising, it’s what kids do in 2018.

I get that gaming is an important part of youth culture, a time for children to bond with their friends whilst playing on XBOX’s but they do seem an awful time waster. AND I’m not alone, I chat to a Grandfather colleague at work and he has one hell of a difficult time getting his 10 year old grandson to put down these addictive consoles that will keep him engrossed and quiet for hours if allowed to. His Grandad wins after much good natured persuading and then they’ll bond going fishing on their bikes, and I use the word addictive as a description because yes computer games are designed by games inventers to be as addictive as any drug.

Am I wrong of course not, these clever games inventers understand exactly how a child’s brain is wired, visual graphics, high octane action plenty of age appropriate gun violence and of course achievable goals, if you concentrate and learn then you’ll reach another level to…………… err who knows where? Win and you get……………… nothing? But yes I concede the point to gaming is enjoying the moment with friends……. I get it.

6a265404f48f7ff3117823fe68291c96--play-video-games-gamer-girlsDo you recall my opening line, I’m not having a go at the youth of today? Well you’ll be pleased to know I’m not, I’m speaking of course as an out of touch older generation, “Gaming is brilliant fun” some little people say to me and I understand I’m out of touch, but then I think back to my youth and I hear my mother’s exasperated voice saying, 

“Will you turn that TV off………….. please”, “go outside and ride your bike…………… please!”

And yes thinking back my sibling and I would watch trash TV at any given opportunity because ‘tech with graphics’ is addictive to a child’s brain, the only problem is I would be watching mind numbing cartoon series to badly acted Aussie soaps all afternoon! Crap TV which leaves the viewer in some ridiculous cliff hanger so I have to watch the next episode to see what happens next!

And nothing ever did apart from I’d wasted my life!

I was of course addicted to this blessed rubbish, jeeze when I think back to the hours of my youth I’ve wasted watching American sitcoms Coronation Street and EastEnders! But I’ll share a secret, I’m a changed man I haven’t sat through an episode of BBC’s EastEnders in the last 25 years, and if I do ever catch an episode’s trailer I’ll just shake my head at all the disgusting arguing shouting and fighting.

Would you believe I used to rush home from Scouts to watch this crap?

So yes I should cut the youth of today some slack, time to time I observe two little people playing games with friends in the living room and yes they are socialising, forming strategic friendships to kill an enemy, they’re arguing, there’ll be tears and laughter but the children are happy and having fun so reluctantly I have to admit gaming’s okay in moderation………… just not for me. I was exactly the same at their age although addicted to a whole different outlet of electronic media………….. so reluctantly YES I’ll admit computer gaming is a good thing in moderation.

No comment!

Only when you’re older and ‘wiser’ do you realise how precious those childhood years actually were, there’ll come a time when teenage boys and girls will switch off their consoles, put the handsets in a draw and go out dancing with their friends. Then again if you meet two girls like the couple above, well all I can say is I wish computer games were around when I was a young man!…………. she’s even playing wearing a pink bikini for heavens sake ❤ !

See I told you I wasn’t ‘having a go!’ Incidentally a very British phrase, writing’s a great way to work through your prejudices.

A. Shepherdson 2018

25 thoughts on “My take on computer games

  1. Yes we have all been addicted to the soaps at one time or another.. I know love Neighbours, .. I used to watch Eastenders years and years ago when it first started.. But since they killed of poor old Den… sort of lost it and went down the violent route.. I saw a preview the other night of an up coming episode.. Thank goodness I no longer watch it… Each scene in the one minute add, was violent.

    Yes its another generation.. Long gone the days when my son was given his first Atari .. LOL.. I remember play the ping pong tennis, with line and two lines that stopped the ball lol.. We have progressed alot in the last thirty years.. Too Fast.

    I wouldn’t mind so much but each of these games, most of them anyway are designed to KILL. Destroy, or be killed… Subliminal programming also, and if one really gets to look deeper, you will see a hidden agenda behind it as it really is making our younger generation like ‘robots’ … As they are no longer thinking for themselves..

    Great post… Have a good week… 🙂

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    • Whenever I catch an Eastenders preview I’m always taken aback by the, let us say the content, and that this ‘drama’ is screened pre watershed doesn’t seem appropriate to me but as you said time’s have changed lol I must be getting old!

      The first computer game I ever played was the pink pong with 2 white bars you moved up and down, Atari you say! I guess that’s the make my schoolfriend had. This evening I’ve been playing a game called ‘fortnite’ with a 10 year old little person on his iPad, the graphics are amazing except yes I’m not over impressed with the killing also shooting, but then the other children playing were his friends in different UK Towns so I guess part of the appeal is socialising with like minded children, and as you’ll understand it’s important children have fun because they work so hard at school these days, the child was happy playing so that’s all that really matters. Wow Wednesday already!!! TY 🙂

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      • I agree, its important children play with friends, my granddaughter also plays these games, Her Dad is a games addict lol.. when not working. But people are unaware of how it is programming minds especially young minds, to kill, and destroy even in a game is natural.. .. Laughing at those early computer games which used to sing and whistle when you put the tapes in to upload a programme 😀 wishing you well.. 🙂

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        • When I left their home earlier this evening the little person and his father were happily playing fortnite together, lots of oohs ahhs and much laughter, all good fun 🙂 . (As I remember back when I was a youth these early consoles were pretty temperamental, perhaps that’s why I never really got into gaming?)

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  2. Well, Andrew, I certainly don’t want to shock you out of your socks, but this very old generation is also addicted to computer games. My husband and I, both past middle sixties, play on our computers whenever we can. We also play tv games together (that big screen is a bonus) and my son bought me a Wii board a few years ago – hello Mario Kart, tennis, golf, skiing, fitness games, number games … We also play card games and soduko, build puzzles and at the moment we are in competition on candy crush (the original, the soda and the friends version!). Bingo. We love playing!!! But then you know I’m also a fitness freak who loves hiking, swimming and the outdoors, gardening, visiting with friends, reading and blogging. Please tell me I lead a balanced life! 😄

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    • I must admit I am a little shocked 🙂 also impressed because the mental stimulation whilst playing just has to be good for brain agility, especially lol with the variety of games you play!………… 😀 have you thought of filming a video of you riding the Wii board and uploading onto YouTube? Perhaps better NOT or you might become a global FB meme. But being serious for a second the majority of people (and I’d include myself here) I know who fall into the bracket ‘older generation’ don’t seem be over interested in gaming, then again my sibling has children and drives his wife scatty playing ‘fortnite’……….. he call’s it bonding time :/ she’s not convinced!!!!! Having said all that my mother came to computing relatively late but she’s emailing her friends, surfing the net, shopping, watching YouTube videos and hopefully NOT reading my WP!!!!! (Heaven forbid she never finds it yikes! ) But computer’s have been good for her.

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  3. Hi. From a google search, i found a picture with me, on this site. I dont think is fair to do a screen and post it here, without my permision. Please i really want that screen removed with me. I dont know where i can send an email with that screen.


  4. Gaming…. an interesting subject. First of all your photos are rather funny. I highly doubt that in real life you will see very many beautiful young women in their underwear playing computer games. Those were clearly posed for. The reality is that you are more likely to see over weight young men in their boxers, playing games who are NOT super models. The young women I know play phone scrabble. That being said…
    I know my youngest son used to enjoy these games when he was in high school and college. But he liked playing thinking games with great graphics. He needed a good story. So It is no surprise that he is now in the film industry. A storyline and realistic graphics would have had to have been key to capture his attention. Needless to say he has no time at all anymore for gaming. He is however, writing and creating an interactive game of his own on his free time that he hopes will be in conjunction will a movie he is writing. I can’t give away anything else….
    My older son, who is probably around your age, played simpler games simply because computer games were in the early stages of their evolution. My grandchildren play way too many games. With iPads and iPhones, I know my daughter in law started the children early on with learning games. So while that was awesome and both learned to read in preschool, they too often revert to using electronic pacifiers when they are bored. My son now limits their game time. When I baby sit we do inventive thinking activities and the only games I allow them to play are stop motion games. They create lego figures and scenes and using an app they basically make a movie with their legos. a three dollar app has as much technology for making a movie as a 4 thousand dollar film program I had to purchase for my son when he went to college and majored in film studies. (Incredible how technology has evolved.) So, I have no problem with them creating their own innovative games. My grands created simple codes this week during our baby sitting adventures. Of course I let them dress up as Sherlock Holmes (plastic pipes and hat included) while they solved the mysterious codes. I just believe in brain stimulation, not vegging out on mindless gaming.
    And as for me? I have never had the patience for electronic games. Growing up my family and I played monopoly, scrabble, and chess. I played all those games and clue with my kids. I had an after school chess club at school and tied deductive reasoning skills from chess to give them higher test scores. I personally was never really great at chess, but my 8 year old grandson is a chess super star. He has been since the age of five.
    I think every generation has their own games. Video games can be outstanding for learning, but it is important to limit children’s time on them. They are addictive. Plus they do affective kids’ eyes.

    My youngest son had 4 room mates his first year of college. One had to drop out because of video games. He said that room mate was addicted to games and never made it to class. So there are positive and negatives to playing.

    I love technology. I do everything from food shopping and paying bills on line. So it is a vital part of my life. But, young children do need to be monitored until they can make productive decisions for themselves.

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    • I do enjoy reading your comments Lesley 🙂 , you’ll have guessed I’d downloaded these photographs from Google Images and I have to agree with you, how many young women play computer games wearing briefs or bikinis?…………. I’d guess not many!!

      This evening I’ve been playing a game called fortnite with a 10yr old little person I know, the child tells me it’s all the rage with his friends however I’m far from impressed simply because the game involves collecting weapons and shooting an enemy dead! The child (I hope) understand this cyber animated violence is ‘only’ a game and I have to remember as a child I used to play cowboys and Indians whilst packing a plastic pistol, but I do wonder whether these hours he spends killing digital characters will have an adverse affects in yeas to come? His mother is very strict with the time he spends gaming but children work so hard at school these days, that perhaps I should give him the benefit because he enjoys playing with his friends…….. and you being a school teacher will understand better than myself making friends and fitting in at that tender age is VERY important…………… Having said all of that I’m in complete agreement when you describe certain genres of games as little more than pacifiers, a ‘go to baby sitter’ much loved by many a harassed and weary parent, the child will sit in peace and quiet engrossed in an iPad and I’d guess that’s very seductive! BUT he’s not my child (my siblings) I mustn’t come across as grumpy and disapproving, so lol I hold my tongue and 😀 play along.

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  5. I stumble across your site. I take a peak, say hello and had every intention of grabbing a beer out of your ‘fridge and saying goodbye. Yes, I’m that way. But now you’ve got me hooked and I plan on moving in for a bit.

    Long story. Don’t get me started. How dare you write the good stuff!!

    Oh, and gaming? In my youth it was fun but that was it. I was to busy chasing girls and hoping one would slow down.

    Excellent site!!!

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  6. So pleased this wasn’t another millennial / generation Z bashing piece. As so many of the responses suggest, it’s about finding a balance in life. Not all screen time is mis-spent, whether it’s tv or computer monitor.

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    • Exactly right! I never want to be one of those people who criticises children of today. Take my blog friend Hester she’s 69 and has a WII board, so all I need now is a bikini wearing young lady who’ll play ‘call of duty’ with me 😀


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