Theresa May Dancing Queen?

(Re. Whimsical Wednesday and a continuation to my earlier dancing themed post)

Theresa May, our ‘British Prime Minister danced herself onto the stage at the Conservative Party conference to………………….. wait for it! To the tune of Abba’s ‘Dancing Queen’.

So I ask you did she pull the stunt off or did she make a complete and utter fool of herself?

I hope the offending video manages to play in your country and hasn’t been blocked, if not go to YouTube!

I’m all against Minister’s of Parliament trying to be ‘hip cool and down with the kids’ whether playing electric guitars, telling jokes or regaling tales of their favourite rock groups it’s cringeworthy to the ninth degree………… however I do think Theresa ‘her of the leopard print shoes’ May just about carried the stunt off, she ‘flips’ and ‘flops’ but I do have a lot of time for Theresa, he says begrudgingly.

Any Minister who manages do remain in charge at The Home Office (Police, prisons, law and order) that graveyard of many a rising political career, and for six frigging years! Must be a skilled manager of people……………… perhaps she has one or two Brexit tricks up her sleeve before March 16th 2019…… here’s hoping!

On the other hand Britain’s about to leave Europe courtesy of Brexit, which is far from a laughing matter but I guess if you’re going to give a key note, much anticipated speech to the Nation then attempting a quirky stunt is worth a punt?

Brexit here we come!

A. Shepherdson with borrowed photographic Media.

2 thoughts on “Theresa May Dancing Queen?

    • Mrs May is a clever politically astute lady, last year’s Conference was a disaster what with the cough, the set behind her falling down, a member of the public handing her a P60………. so this year she danced onto the stage like an uncomfortable old person, pulled it off and next day’s papers were all dance related……….. success!!


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