‘Cool Dancing’, blog #8

Blog #8 

So sad to read Olivia Newton John’s cancer has returned for a third time, like many people Grease is a favourite of mine, she played the role of Sandy amazingly at age 40! And pulled it off. I originally watched the movie at the Town’s cinema,  😦 would you believe it’s now a ‘Wetherspoon’s’ restaurant!!

Kim published a ‘whimsy’ themed,

Those who dance are considered insane by those who can’t hear the music

(Coupled with amusing cartoons)

Hold that thought!

Late last evening (very late) and in draft form I wrote what would have been blog #8, a meandering train of consciousness continuing in the vain of parental relationship, more accurately my childhood relationship with my father and the reasons why and more importantly I don’t have children…………. all very serious nonsense!

But sometimes life stories are tooo personal even for WordPress.

Well I reread this morning with a coffee for company and yes lol the essay was cathartic however also ‘whiney’ and self indulgent CONSEQUENTLY it will not be published so probably that’s an end to my Caring for a Parent series, they’ve been thoughtful writing but I’d rather not milk the subject to death, so thank you so much for the feedback I really do appreciate it.

Now returning to Kim’s quotation which I still lol have trouble understanding.

If you can dance! (Alas I cannot and you don’t need me to try either) and btw I’m talking of adults at any age, close my eyes and I can still visualise my Uncle slow dancing at his daughter’s wedding, and even at @50yrs he looked pretty cool, AND more importantly he had married older women dancing with him!!!

(Here’s an honest afterthought, my parents met each other at a dance! Mum said my father couldn’t to save his life and would near twist himself into the floor……… this WAS the 60s after all)

So here’s a question, if you can cut a move on the dance hall floor, whatever the age maybe, is this the easiest way to catch a prospective mate? Or even 😉hook up with after the party’s over?

The hardest thing in the world is to strike up a conversation with a stranger you are physically sexually attracted to, all my life its struck me dancing with he/she is a great way (easier way) to break the ice AND seeing as you’re all holding Kim’s thought, could this be a reason why someone could be single?

If you can dance! Then you are cool.

A. Shepherdson 2018 (Grease photo borrowed from tinternet but note I DO NOT make money from blogging)

3 thoughts on “‘Cool Dancing’, blog #8

  1. Oh so many thoughts on this… I wrote a spoken word poem a while back about dancing to the beat of a different drummer and used the metaphor of others not being able to hear the music. (Likening my life to being on the outside of the straight and narrow path.) I was on the side where the music blared loudly, sometimes out of tune, but was always there in a rainbow of colors. Your friend’s reference is not unusual but is how many of us right brained folks see the world.

    In regard to dancing? Yes, I dance. And I do it well. “Ive got the music in me.”

    As a little girl my brother and I were on local television dancing. Our parents gave us dance lessons and we were really cute. As a teen I danced the jitterbug, the pony, the twist and everything else you can imagine. My first real job other than baby sitting was as a “go go” dancer at the mall record shop. My teen age friends and I on winter break from school, were hired to dance in our John Lennon hats and go go boots, in little wooden cages while the shop played Beatle songs. We loved it!
    Once at a faculty meeting “best practices workshop” we had to write down our first job. Obviously everyone loved the fact that mine was being go go dancer. (And nobody was surprised) Since I was often caught dancing down the hallway with my students. Every Monday morning I played music while I took attendance allowing students to shake off their weekend energy and get ready to learn. One of the best songs for that was “Wake Me Up Before You Go GO”. The principal started coming in on Mondays just to dance with my students and listen to George Michael.
    You never see frowns when people are dancing. It promotes smiles.

    In college I had to take a PE class for my degree and I chose ballroom dance. It was glorious. I was an education major and drama minor and danced in several plays. I followed the lead of the school’s choreographer who encouraged me to go to New York City and audition on broadway. I got married instead. I new I could dance well, but at 20 I always figured there would be time to do everything… there wasn’t.
    But…Dancing soothe the souls.
    As far as dancing as a way of meeting people… Read Jane Austen. Lizzy Bennett met her Mr. Darcy at a Dance. Dancing has always been the social way to meet and court the opposite sex.
    My second husband didn’t dance until I dragged him to lessons in the 80;s when country western line dancing was popular. He actually was very good at it. He was an athlete and discovered that if he was good at moving he could also dance well. It helped him at future events and he was able to move around the dance floor quite well at weddings and Bar Mitzvahs after that. And he always smiled when he danced. I miss seeing his smile.
    Square dancing used to be a requirement in PE in the elementary school. If you watch children dancing you will never see anything but laughter. Dancing soothes the soul. It inspires love, and like it says in the movie Greece…. “It’s Mystifying!!!” Dance, dance dance….

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    • Omg Lesley ❤ I loved reading your comment, looking back upon my life I can see dancing is well a fun pastime hobby, a person's spirits are lifted, endorphins are released into the brain, making you happy and a fantastic way to meet girls/boys!!……….. Lol only wish I could dance then again I have in the past and don't forget at 73 my mum still dances. I can see you are living proof dancing whether in swinging America, deepest Africa or 18th Century high society England, dance is part of being human as is a love for music. Thank you for such an interesting comment 🙂

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