Photo blog #4

Photo blog 16/09/2018

The title Blog #4 will hopefully tell you this post is part of a ‘family/relationship/caring for’ blog series.

My parents own a collie cross who as many of you pet owner’s will agree, has become an integral and important loving member of the family, good company for them both she needs exercising and enjoys reminding no begging/pestering us to take her out for walks, owning a dog is a great form of exercise and companionship however isn’t for everyone? Anyways this afternoon I walked the dog around our lake and Town’s nature reserve and took quite a few autumn scene photographs………… I hope you enjoy.

We are lucky and as I’ve hinted at before the majority of Town’s right across the UK have their own small wildlife sanctuaries with woods and lakes, ideal for dog walkers or family’s with pushchairs and maybe joggers…………. saw a lovely ‘bouncy’ lady in tight leggings and green licra today, the sight of pretty ladies always brightens the day especially if she smiles at you 🙂 !

I would like to add a word of caution to owning pets, yes they can be a focal point and comfort but please don’t go getting one on my say so, everyone’s home circumstances are different both ability to care for and give exercise to, plus the cost of food vet bills etc but 🙂 then you all know that.

Unfortunately in the UK our seasons are most definitely changing, the air temperature has dropped by half from a balmy 30 degrees and leaves on the trees are turning rustic browns and golds, oh and as you’ll see horse chestnut fruit is falling to the ground ready for children to collect and play the English game of ‘conkers’.

Hm when I retire one day I’ll buy myself a Border Collie pup

©A. Shepherdson 2018

9 thoughts on “Photo blog #4

  1. Wonderful walk… and yes brings back memories of when I was a child and conkers in the playground,, Soaking in vinegar.. Seasoning them.. lol.. And they weren’t banned then… Nothing about Health and Safety in the school yard back then.. 🙂
    And I passed on the tradition to my son… He enjoyed with his friends at school the game too..
    A few bruised knuckles… and bump on the forehead.. Now its safety googles and helmets!! 🙂 😉

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    • Thank you, amongst all the sprawling housing estates we still have beautiful sanctuaries for wildlife, there’s barn owls hunting over the heath and the lake was formed when gravel was extracted for the bypass! I haven’t played conkers in years and a Grandfather at work said his Grandson could play at school when supervised and I guess their glasses saved bits in the eyes! Yep H&S, times have changed from our day.

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