Caring for elderly parents, blog #1

A proper blog, 15/09/2018

You may have read my previous post, the one where I visited a Tiger sanctuary in deepest rural England, well short and sweet after uploading I suddenly had this feeling, ‘do I want to write on WordPress anymore?’

Regular readers will know I’m always very honest, you wanna read lurid tales of me in bed with 60yr old ladies? Look to the right but not tonight.

Do you know looking back, I’ve only just checked and seen last week was exactly 6 months blogging on any platform, a marathon effort AND those lovely people at WP notified me I’d received 1000 Likes, I love Likes, I don’t get many comments but I’ll admit to being a Like whore? But on the other hand perhaps those finishing thoughts had more to do with the Black Dog visiting last week.

So yes 6 months ‘creating’ and well I’m back with a very different post series themed caring for elderly parents, my father to be exact. The point being I have absolutely no idea how these will be received (or how many I write), I’m a positive guy so my thoughts and musings will be positive but as for interesting? Well it’s not a sexy subject is it getting old. Hm perhaps I was a little jaded from posting on average every 3 days for half a year and as blogger’s always tell you ‘this has to be fun or why do it’, then again you don’t know me.

Anyways I have a feeling the TV’s been scrambled by the sound of beeping remote contols so this will be continued………….

©A. Shepherdson 2018


10 thoughts on “Caring for elderly parents, blog #1

  1. One thing to consider sweetheart, is not to write for your ‘reader’ write for yourself and let the interested readers find you (via tagging the hell out of your posts)
    Blogging, writing and creating is a cathartic journey for yourself, the right audience will find you x

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  2. First congrats on your 1,000 likes and your 6months anniversary.. I think I started blogging in 2007 and changed to WordPress when Windows Live Space platform closed down.. So transferred my blog.
    Caring for elderly parents is something those of us who have done it understand its not always an easy journey..
    But as we are all ageing as a population as the Media keeps informing us, that its our faults as to the many problems the NHS now is facing? Well its a subject I think many more should take interest in..

    So I look forward to reading more.. ( as I am in the reader this afternoon catching up on one of my marathon catch ups on WP..) 🙂

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    • Six months blogging and I’ve enjoyed writing all 102 posts, reading fab comments and all those Likes!!! Interacting with bloggers is fun and a bonus but lol a note of caution 😀 you may have noticed my blog is VERY eclectic and there’s two or three erotic stories in there, anyways I enjoyed writing them and that is ALL that matters.

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    • My four Grandparents all lived healthily well into their 80s which created challenging care problems later in their lives, that’s the reality and I guess all we can do is our best. Thank you for commenting, Andrew. 🙂


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