My daytrip to a Heritage Steam Railway…….

….……….. 🤔now there’s a real mouthful ‘Title’ for you ty for being so patient! Being a little more precise and accurate today’s post is more a self taken ‘photo dump’, or in other words sharing pictures ‘snapped’ by me on said daytrip to GWSR’s Heritage steam attraction.

Below these 4 pics are important photos to my tale, they include day ticket to ride the line for the day, the branch map later scanned from the souvenir program and myself holding a coffee mug bought from the station shop! (Now at work).

1/09/2018, a warm sunny Saturday!

Let me begin by saying I’m quite pleased with the strip of photos below, Imagine me precariously hanging out the passenger carriage window (people have lost their heads!) taking 4 photos which when joined together make 1 panoramic scenic shot/view.


To be honest how to best approach writing this post has been playing on my mind, let me explain! There are 2 ways of writing about my day which could either be a ‘1000 word

fest’, or photographs accompanied by a brief description………… I chose the latter you’re all busy people! (It’ll morph into a descript fest I KNOW!!

(If you wish to read how and why I visited the Steam Railway situated in deepest rural Gloucester, click ‘the tale of an aborted attempt at visiting’ and ‘my own Town’s branch line now closed’ for more historical background just click!)

Below that 4 picture panoramic photos shown as individual but larger, you are looking at picturesque Gloucestershire scenery, fields of animal grazing grass.

GWR Steam Railway Fuji 010
1. From the window, and notice the plume of chimney smoke billowing out from the approaching locomotive! 3 loco’s were in operation that day
GWR Steam Railway Fuji 011
2. You’ll be aware throughout England hedgerows are planted to mark the divide between fields
GWR Steam Railway Fuji 012
3. Atypical size English animal grazing field (small aren’t they!)
GWR Steam Railway Fuji 013
4. A typical rural field you’ll see the length and breadth of the UK, and countless TV/Netflix period drama’s like Downton Abbey!

A different view of the approaching locomotive/carriages making up a train (a technical bit of trivia there), and remember I am dangerously precariously hanging out the window, a stupid act because many years ago I dropped my glasses doing the same thing on a Scottish Heritage Line, people never learn do they?

GWR Steam Railway Fuji 009
Notice both signals are horizontal ordering both trains to halt, why? Driver change? Unsafe? In 2018 train stoppages are electronic above is open to human error!

Below Cheltenham stop, 10.30 am and my train pulls into view bang on scheduled time!

GWR Steam Railway Fuji 002
My journey begins with me standing on Cheltenham city station, a typical branch line stop, this should be inserted before the panorama but I got a little mixed up.
GWR Steam Railway Fuji 003
My train for the day which is a 1920s ‘Pannier’ type of loco’s painted in 1950s British Railways green, post 50s it was black, pre 30s it was maroon an gold! There’s detail for you!
GWR Steam Railway Fuji 045
Cheltenham station again, I climbed up a path taking a downward different photograph

‘Built in 1919, No. 4270 spent most of her career based close to Cardiff. The heavy design with 8 driving wheels and only 2 leading wheels gave these locomotives the superb traction required to haul coal trains weighing in excess of 1,000 tons over the steep gradients of the Welsh valleys.
These locomotives almost never saw passenger service, instead running from the Valleys to the ports on the South Wales coast, day after day. Because they could only carry 6,800 litres of water, the class became known as ‘water carts’ as they would have to stop frequently to pick up water at stations.
4270 was retired in 1962 and made a final, short journey, from Cardiff to Barry Scrapyard where she was to languish until 1985. It was not however until 2014 that she returned to steam after a 4 year overhaul. She can now be found running on the Gloucestershire and Warwickshire Steam Railway’.

Below Toddington station.

GWR Steam Railway Fuji 030
Toddington station first stop and I am standing on the err lol footbridge, what a tidy and spotless station it is, and a typical branch line station much like my own Witney town photo below, with foresight we could now be a steam line just the same.
Witney 7
Witney station, pulled down 1970
GWR Steam Railway Fuji 023
A few stops on and I am now standing on Toddington station platform
GWR Steam Railway Fuji 001
Toddington stop, one of many period cast iron signs on the line.
GWR Steam Railway Fuji 019
A beautiful magnificent engineering marvel of a loco coming the opposite direction, myself again at Toddington,  you are viewing a ‘Merchant Navy’ class, the largest steam loco owned by this Heritage Railway

GWR Steam Railway Fuji 020

GWR Steam Railway Fuji 021
I’m writing from my tablet therefore cannot read the name plate on the side? You’ll have to expand lol and then visit Wikipedia if you wish to read all there is to know about a ‘Merchant Navy’!
GWR Steam Railway Fuji 022
There aren’t enough descriptive superlatives to give this beauty justice, smaller than The Flying Scotsman, larger than a ‘saddle’ and ‘pannier’ tank engine!

Below Toddington station halt.

GWR Steam Railway Fuji 031
A view of Toddington station from the other side of the tracks, on the opposite platform, notice all the flower beds and did you see all the station building hanging baskets?

(My PC seems to experience gremlins when I post photo dumps? Part 3 follows sooon!)

To be continued……….

© A. Shepherdson 2018



11 thoughts on “My daytrip to a Heritage Steam Railway…….

  1. Thank you for sharing these beautiful photos. The trains are magnificent, but I must admit that the countryside is even more intriguing, although I shudder at the idea that you are hanging from a moving train window to snap your pictures.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Yes a lovely spot 🙂 and we have many preserved steam railway lines around the country, you WILL have seen several if you watch British period dramas on the TV! A very civilised way to see the countryside, even cities so you and hubby go for it! 🙂

      Liked by 1 person

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