‘Exercise the writing muscle everyday’, a response


Blogger Raynot Bradbury shared with her readers a thoughtful piece of advice titled to-write-for-the-joy-of-it, interesting reading where she suggests exercising the writing side of your brain each and everyday benefits this very precious muscle, and on reflection I have to agree………….. my father used to be a school teacher and yes he read a great deal, but perhaps if he’d exercised his creative writing mind each and every day, then maybe he wouldn’t now have memory problems?

Who knows supposition is easy.

I’m a practical guy who for whatever reason never used to write, and if I’m honest didn’t used to read a great deal either until I discovered blogs. But all these (many) months later I’m a much improved writer (lol yes) and I often wish I’d a screenshot of my very first blog post.

Without a doubt WordPress kicks my ass into gear and after switching my tablet off I’m convinced my brain’s circuitry has been rebooted? So yes I’ve exercised the grey matter and without sounding pretentious, I think the act of disciplined writing has been good for me……….. then when I upload joy of joys I may provoke a reaction or time to time readers Like or perhaps comment.

However one caveat which can be a bit like splashing cold water on my face, lol out of respect for a reader I have to publish ‘hopefully’ something worth reading, consequently not every literary gem electronically penned by moi is uploaded. In fact many posts are later trashed as either badly written, devoid of a great theme, darn right pornographic hence unsuitable for blogging.

But for 20 minutes or so I’ve transferred thoughts and musings into print which has to be good for me, how long will I be here on WP seeing as my 6 month blog anniversary is only a few days away? Hmm who knows I do panic that I’ll suddenly have nothing to say if I’m being honest, but I have a feeling I’ll always write something down somewhere and a blog can be the incentive.

A. Shepherdson  2018

16 thoughts on “‘Exercise the writing muscle everyday’, a response

    • 🙂 Hmm interesting thought, I’m never bored and enjoy reading other people’s blogs tooo much to finish, but I could see how writer’s lose their ‘mojo’…………….. honestly if someone enjoys my post then I happy 🙂

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        • I’m not bored with life, I’ve had enough of f’ing BREXIT, I voted to remain and reading BREXIT News depresses me 😦 so I don’t…….. in fact I’d love to move to Europe, but 🙂 I don’t do politics on my WP it’s tooooo heavy man!

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  1. I just happened upon this blog and found it very thought provoking. As a recently retired educator I have to say that writing does help keep one’s mind active and focused. And it can keep people happy as well. Simply, because most people feel better after they write something.

    I do feel that some days we don’t feel like writing, or perhaps we just don’t have the proper impetus to propel us forward…. For me it comes in spurts. I can sit down and write 5 chapters of the novel I am currently working on and go non stop and then not want to write anything for a week or two. It’s like I feel drained.

    But pretty much, each and every morning I get up and have a cup of coffee and drink it while I check my Facebook page. I then write something- anything that comes to mind. Usually it is about the political climate or my thoughts on how I can enlighten my former students (They all have friended me and they range from teens to in their 40’s since I taught for 36 years) or I write to be grateful that the sun came up just as I was listening to the song “I’m walking on Sunshine”. Or the Rolling Stones singing “Start Me Up”.
    I don’t start out trying to inspire friends but it happens when I urge people to get involved in protests or groups to help change our communities for the better. Sometimes I just write about my new rescue cat. I type a few thoughts down, drink my cup of half caff. (That’s half regular and half decaf coffee – too much caffein will have me flying) and then I am ready to start the day. My blog is something different…. I don’t write in blog format daily. I have a much larger following on Facebook. The wonderful thing about using social media as a talking point is that you really do get to help people. I love that. AND my students send me their essays from college that they are proud of and still ask me for advice. That’s kind of cool.

    But, back to something yo wrote about writing for good health….. I was in a car accident a couple years ago and for about 6 months I was stuck in bed or in a wheelchair. It was crazy and inconvenient. I am fine now, but healing while living alone was a challenge and so I wrote every day. It was my outlet. I wrote an entire poetry curriculum for a local foundation that partnered with the school board’s office of diversity. It was picked up and used in all the schools in my district. Writing kept me from feeling bummed out that I couldn’t walk or go outside without someone wheeling me around. I honestly have to say that other than the first 3 weeks when pain was a major factor, I didn’t get at all depressed while my body healed. So writing is indeed healing in so many ways. I’d wake up and think… yay! I will use a walker soon.. Wahoo. Thank goodness for being able to create! AND Netflix. YES! I began my subscription to Netflix during my convalescence and got hooked on every British TV show there was. I think I had a major crush on Tom Barnaby from Midsomer Murders and Of course Doctor Who (David Tennant and Matt Smith) and binge waged my way through healing. I think I have mastered various British accents too. LOL Up until Netflix I only knew how the Beatles and Prince Charles spoke. haha

    But, A Sheperdson, (Don’t know your real name so that is what I have to call you for now) I doubt that creative writing could have prevented your father from what ails him. I think some things just happen. Be it destiny or just because sometimes life can get pretty icky and some days sucks.

    My mother wrote a journal her entire life. She still got cancer and died at 76. My husband got pancreatic cancer at 55 and died in 4 months. Stuff happens. It just happens. You can’t wonder what if… stuff happens. And we survive it. Sadly, I wrote a blog about my cat (who died 3 months after my husband did) and I often wonder if I wrote about my cat because I loved the cat more, or if I finally let myself grieve. In any case…. Writing heals…. so write when you feel like it and don’t write when you don’t feel like it… It’s all good. 🙂 Peace, love, and rock and roll y’all.

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    • Wow thank you for your reply, so much to read I know for certain I’ll be returning to your comment many many times and my name is Andrew, though Shepherdson is my Grandmother’s maiden name, I didn’t wish to use my own. Our family name Shepherdson has all but disappeared from use and on reflection it fits so well here.

      Since I first started a WordPress my written descriptive writing has improved, lol I’ll never write a novel but I’ve come to realise writing is so very different to reading a book, a blog in fact anything! It still amazes me even now that sometimes I can look at a blank screen and not one idea appears in my mind, but perhaps one hour later after tea, a written stream of consciousness flows out of me even though many drafts are later binned. So yes I whole heartedly agree writing taxes and exercises concentrates the mind as no amount of reading can do. LA my favourite blogger after rising in the morning writes while ‘her mind is fresh’ and btw I’m not an educator and gave up writing when I left school 35 years ago.

      Regarding my father, we (the family) have sort have come to the same conclusion, I think dementia would have taken hold of my father’s brain whether he’d written or not, who knows? So sad .

      And thank you again, Andrew

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  2. Hi Andrew. Pleased to meet you. I’m Lesley. I can understand why you don’t use your real last name and the one you selected works perfectly for the reasons you stated. I do use my real name since I had already been published in several educational grants, so I didn’t bother changing it for my blog.
    Although, my close friends who have known me my entire life call me Lolly. ( A nickname reserved for family and friends before I went out into this big brave new world of ours.)

    I have had several last names (“What’s in a name? As Shakespeare said, or had Juliet say, is quite true.) I played so many characters in college and gathered up so many names which for a moment in time became part of me. Actors do see themselves as that character while they are submersed in a part and afterwards it just becomes another name. So… while I was acting a name was just a name. I changed mine twice for each I of my two husbands and then again after my second husband passed away. (I went back to my maiden name.) I decided that I finally wanted to be published under who I really was. So my last couple of educational grants were under my “real” name. And if I ever get past chapter 17 in my novel, then this book will probably have that name as well. I had been published for articles and short stories in the past under my previous husbands’ names and somehow coming back to my roots felt right. Anyhow…. enough of the name game… sorry I tend to be wordy,

    I get a kick out of the British way you spell words. (realise in stead of realize.) I would say you ARE a writer since you are very good at it. I think that any writer who makes the reader feel emotion is good at his/her craft. Your favorite blogger, LA has that ability. She shows a raw honesty in each of her posts. You are left with pure feelings, whether you agree or disagree with her thoughts. They are so directly honest that the reader connects with her and feels compelled to respond. Even if that response is just a smile. Yes, I can see why you enjoy her work. I do as well. She is very gifted in her mastery of communicating.

    I write professionally much better than I blog. I tend to let my hair down when I blog and just let the real me come out and play. And that girl is rather wild and crazy. Plus, I am a much better writing teacher than writer. I can stand up in front of a room full of people and tell them HOW to express emotion more easily than actually doing it myself. That is unless I am in front of students. Writing is rather like acting for me. And teaching is as easy as breathing for me. You conjure up the energy and emotion and become the character, the subject, whatever it is you are trying to express.

    Writing is like looking at a painting or an amazing photograph. The words paint a picture so vividly that you are sucked into it and become one with the piece. It is also about believability and being honest. That’s why you enjoy LA so much. Her writing is real.

    Anyhow, the teacher in me tends to take over in my responses…. it is my tragic flaw. (oops, another teacher/literary term) One reason I hate texting and twitter (even though I am on it) I don’t like being limited to a certain amount of characters. I write because I must… words just come out…

    Nice meeting you Andrew. Keep writing. And more photographs please. Those are lovely as well.

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