Mommy’s (perhaps) read my WordPress

I have fun choosing Post imagery so humour me. (You Google ‘Mom Cartoons’ and this is what you get?)

I’ve been getting a little tooo serious lately so time for a post more frivolous shallow and light-hearted.

I must admit I do get a little ‘panicky’ when a Mom Follows then ‘Likes’ my Poohsticks Post (thankyou btw ❤ ), two reasons, first I adore reading Mom blogs note FOR the way they see life, and secondly because probably they haven’t noticed I write ‘adult’ themed tales for fun as well as the serious, yikes! Well in the words of a mum/mother Follower from Africa she ‘skips the adult’ and on reflection that’s pretty sensible advise! 😀 To think I’m read in Africa India (I’m big there) America and many more simply blows me away.

Anyways I’ve been scolded in the past for apologising to WP so I’ll leave you with a famous quotation ‘personalised’ by me,

“My blog is like a box of chocolates. You never know what you’re gonna get”

Hmm, and do you know what I think that’s pretty darn accurate!

So in the spirit of upfront honesty, I once went to bed (naked) with another (naked) man, would anyone (whatever sexual orientation + 18yrs) like to read the tale? Truthfully I’m happy either way (And that’s NOT the way I took it!!)

Disclaimer, keep in mind 😀 I AM straight! I cannot state that strongly enough and if I post the silly tale I’d like to make clear parts are fiction, parts are true, and which is which would be revealed in a follow up post………… I’m having fun so like I said humour me! 

A. Shepherdson 2018

2 thoughts on “Mommy’s (perhaps) read my WordPress

  1. I have a Mum blog… although these days it’s more a me blog.
    Mums have sex too you know. Mums are the predominant purchasers of erotic fiction.

    I’m followed by a few travel blogs, rather a few mindfulness blogs and strangely news blogs… I do wonder why but they are capable of unfollowing should they wish so hey ho…

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    • Yes I’ve heard they enjoy the erotic, and on reflection I’ve read many a ladies blog to know they have V naughty imaginations 😀 . But being serious I do love the fact ladies read and Like my WordPress tales and I’ve received some fabulous comments.

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