WP is free & yes I am grateful :)


After five months creating/writing on WordPress and 82 published posts of MY OWN ORIGINAL thoughts photos and life stories 🙂 now seems an apt place to take a blogging pause, consider and ask myself questions of…………… hold that thought for a second, I’ll answer those 2 questions in a paragraph or two!

In preparation for this post, and yes I DO spend an age dreaming up blog ideas like I guess you all do, whilst thinking about this post in the shower always the best place I find for inspiration hmm must be skin tingling hot water and ‘lathering my bits and bobs’ that concentrates the mind…………. though I NEVER come in the shower is an interesting thought!

Anyways where was I, oh yes post preparation, I’d guess I look at my blog statistics once a day you know how many views and where in the world I’m being read, coming after America and England third place goes to err India? That was a surprise! Whilst idly scanning these fabulous facts and figures I clicked the dropdown for most views on a post, and to my utter astonishment my number one post for views is believe it or not, 

Beautiful Helen from across the road (erotic fiction)

Well all I can say is thank you to those readers and of all 82 posts I would never have dreamed Helen’s sexy tale would come top……………. amazing I’m sure top would be photos of me sunbathing naked in my garden!!

And my favourite? That changes but I am proud of my true Auschwitz story

Returning to those 2 questions, you remember 5 months blogging seemed an apt piont to pause, consider and ask myself questions of,

:/ “Why am I here? Why do I write and create?”

Fair questions? Or melodramatic self indulgence? Jeeze so many thoughts my brain is hurting!

Why? Because I have fun and enjoy myself.

Confidence is a fragile state of feeling, it’s only a word at the end of the day and pretty meaningless, so perhaps referring to confidence as appreciation of one’s own abilities or qualities is more accurate………… so yes five months and 82 posts published I’m feeling confident I’ll be here for a while longer 🙂 .

I’m wondering if I offended moms asking if they see themselves as err a MILF? I thought it a perfectly sensible fun and intelligent question a lady could ask herself, and bearing in mind my post was a response to watching ‘The Graduate’ on amazon prime perhaps I should have reworded the question, ‘Do you considered yourself a cougar lusted after by younger men?’ And of course women of more mature years are SEXY! The best sex I’ve ever had was with a lady 60 years if a day, I don’t know if her vagina hadn’t seen a lot of action recently but she was all over my like a nubile raving nymphomaniac only trouble is at one point she had to get out of bed to ‘click’ her knee back into position!

(That is absolutely true btw)

Incidentally I take a great deal of care when formulating my post ideas (you should see the amount I send to the trash bin! Truly it’s been a hundred, ‘if it ain’t right then in the bin it goes’) anyways enough chat now seems an opportune time to make dinner and quite enough introspective questioning for one day………….. oh and I promise the word MILF will never appear on my blog again!

A. Shepherdson 2018

4 thoughts on “WP is free & yes I am grateful :)

  1. The bit about the 60 year-old gal clicking her knee back into place had me laughing, and then crying, because I’ll be 50 in 2 years, and I’m already falling apart ‘at the knees’. I guess I’ve spent too much time on my knees. JUST KIDDING! I couldn’t resist the joke. 😛

    Liked by 1 person

    • 😀 The lady climbed off the side of the bed, I heard it click she looked at me, laughed and got back in! Stay positive 50 is but a number and Miss there’s nothing wrong with a lady spending tooo much time on her knees 😉 . TY


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