Sightseeing in London…….. a photo dump!

I’ve been close to pulling my hair out! This post has taken ages to write and my Dell Laptop is playing up (dying), so apologies this follow up to my walking tour around The V&A and Tate Britain is such a late upload.

I would suggest reading part 1 (click ‘here’ for link) will help explain why I made this journey to London in the first place, thank you it’ll lol save me writing 300 words and please note ALL the photos were taken by me as I walked around London’s landmark buildings Saturday August 4th 2018.

(Very quickly I’ll tell you this is a response post to a WordPress blogger by the name of Juliette Turrell, she herself visited London namely The National Gallery and The V&A and click ‘here’ for Juliette’s very own daytrip to London with photos.)

Btw the blogging phrase ‘photo dump’ is a new one on me but I like it 🙂 .

Below is a picture of me sitting on the grass in sunny London enjoying an ice cold can of coke and slice of pizza..…….. and what do you think of the shoes? Don’t answer lol because I love them!

London day trip 031
😀 Feeling hungry and thirsty I gave The National Gallery a miss and went to Leicester Square for coke and Pizza in the sun…………… I don’t have to remind you I love my shoes, sooo comfortable!!

London was a blue skies blazing sun and 30 degree temperatures beautiful day, tooo hot for me if truth be told but I’m loathed to complain because there were pretty ladies wearing short dresses everywhere! I ask how could I ever complain!

Tate Britain picture gallery 

London 2018 August 4th 131
Depending on which name you prefer, this painting hanging in the Tate is called ‘May Day’ or ‘Punch and Judy’

Below are a selection of exhibits both paintings also a marble sculpture of ‘Eve’ that particularly caught my eye!


The Victoria and Albert art museum (better known as the V&A)

Below the museum’s entrance , ‘the cast west wall’ and central hall containing several sculptures.

I have to admit I love riding the trains on The Underground, depending on a Tube Line I choose the train will within minutes whisk me to any number of landmarks parks railways stations. It’s the ONLY way to travel in car contested London.

London day trip 023
A tube train pulling into a London Underground station, and remember Londoners slept on these platforms during throughout world war two. 

Big Ben clock tower and The Millennium Wheel

Walking from The Tate Picture gallery towards The West End I stopped to take these two photos of Big Ben’s clock tower………….. as you can see I picked a beautiful day to visit London.

Directly opposite the Houses of Parliament and Big Ben but on the opposite bank of the River Thames sit’s ‘The Millennium Wheel’.

The Millennium Wheel or London Eye depending on which you prefer is a spectacular sight! I have journeyed one revolution of this mightily impressive big wheel several years ago (expensive)

Interestingly it was only supposed to stand for one year and was to be then pulled down, a v popular attraction that I doubt will ever move location.

London day trip 020
The Millennium Wheel built for the year 2000+


Trafalgar Square and Nelson’s Column

After several hours walking around The Tate and The V&A museum I decided I’d had enough culture for one day, so by the time reached the National Gallery I decided to give it a miss! So I re planned my journey took a few photographs below and headed for Leicester Square and something to eat.

London day trip 048
Nelson’s Column standing tall in Trafalgar Square


Below attached to a station wall is the iconic London Underground’s map, incidentally underground systems right across the world copy and adjust the design to suit their own network. I don’t underplay the word iconic either! For both tourists and commuters the station names are a doddle to locate so making planning a journey easy.

London day trip 003
London Underground map, I think I ‘snapped’ this at the Embankment Station

Now for a rather macabre series of photos taken approaching The Houses of Parliament and Westminster Bridge, I’m sad to say the line of concrete blocks separating pavement and road are to stop Jihadi suicide bombers driving into crowds of pedestrians!


Leicester Square

The statue of a very bored looking William Shakespeare, you could say is rather poignant expression seeing as a the Disney Movie ‘Finding Nemo’ is playing to the seated crowds watching in Leicester Square. But a lovely place to sit and watch a Film whilst eating pizza and drinking coke! (Oh and observe the ladies walking past)

London day trip 037
William Shakespeare not watching ‘Finding Memo!


Piccadilly Circus

The Statue of Eros (below) stands bang in the centre of Piccadilly Circus, without Googling (I never do) I’m wondering if the cars and buses circling Eros were originally likened to prancing horses circling a ride at the circus?

Who knows every place name originates somewhere!

London day trip 042
Statue of Eros at the heart of Piccadilly Circus

This lady below dressed in gold was one of MANY street performers I saw Saturday, I stood watching her for while and she neither blinked or moved a muscle…….. very impressive especially in that heat!

London day trip 043
A street performer dressed in gold

Now compare my photographs above against Piccadilly Circus taken in 1949 below (Googled), and bare in mind the Statue of Eros is the only constant that binds the two together……… lol kinda obvious!

(On reflection this photo is more interesting than mine!)


Trafalgar Square

Trafalgar Square’s fountains with The National Picture Gallery behind, a truly magnificent  beautiful building and perhaps lost amongst London’s other great buildings.

London day trip 054
Trafalgar Square

Oh and I forgot to tell you my camera cost £8 purchased from eBay, just goes to show you don’t have to spend a fortune to take ‘good’ photos!

London day trip 047
Theatre Royal Haymarket

Leicester Square borders London’s theatreland, I could have chosen to photograph any number of theatres but settled on The Haymarket instead……. as I remember I saw ‘The Lion King’ here several years ago for my parent’s Golden Wedding evening out. Or was it The Haymarket where I saw Darryl Hannah in ‘A Streetcar Named Desire’? (A quite brilliant performance and I’m still in love with her).

London day trip 038
Entrance to Chinatown and seedy Soho!

Entrance to Chinatown which borders Soho and Theatreland………….. I’m a little annoyed at myself because I SHOULD have visited Soho for a blow job, NO I mean I should have visited Soho and taken photos of sex shops for you, hmm perhaps next time because the neon lights look fabulous shining bright at night.

End of a long tiring but satisfying day I began to wind my weary way home taking these two photographs just before l left London. To the right is Victoria Railway Station on the left a ‘mini’ statue of Big Ben standing at the Station’s entrance, and quite startled me simply because it’s brand new! I’m impressed, perhaps we’ll see themed clocks right across central London.

I hope you enjoyed my journey and what with my Dell playing up and the great number of photos THIS post has been my most problematic ever! 😀


A. Shepherdson 2018 

9 thoughts on “Sightseeing in London…….. a photo dump!

  1. Looking at your photos has me green with envy: your public transport systems are to die for (none of that here), your streets are beautifully clean and without rubble; you have street artists and open-air entertainment, most of all – you have SUMMER. Andrew, I think I will move in with you for a while – please clear your guest room; I’ll be gone by the time that winter sets in. Seriously, I loved touring London on your blog … and those shoes are quite nice!

    Liked by 1 person

    • Awe Hester your lovely comment quite near brought a tear to my eye I’m SO pleased you enjoyed, and yes I’ll clear my guest room for you! 🙂 Reflecting on your comment subconsciously I hadn’t noticed how clean and tidy inner London actually was Saturday, but as you’ll absolutely understand venture into the tower blocked housing estates and the Boroughs aren’t so safe or so clean! There you are each of our countries has good and bad, the newspapers cram their pages with tales of scooter yobs robbing the public and throwing acid in their faces, but the truth is apart from we now have Police with machine guns I’ve seldom felt safer……….. hmm do we live in an age where the media’s agenda is to MAKE us feel fearful? YES! And YES seeing as I don’t drive I have to remind myself Britain’s public transport is to be cherished. TY

      Liked by 1 person

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