I visited London yesterday……. museums and art galleries

(All photographs taken by myself A. Shepherdson 4th August 2018)

I visited London yesterday…………… here’s my photographic journey!

London day trip 014
The Houses of Parliament, by me

A (very) short introduction

Anyone who Follows me on WordPress knows for sure I enjoy interacting with other bloggers whether that be tags or writing challenges, well this fine Sunday morning I have a response post for blogger Juliette Turrell, oh and of course anyone who’d like to see photographs taken on yesterday’s daytrip to London.

Juliette Turrell pretty much 1 week ago (read her blog here) visited both the National Gallery and Victoria & Albert Museum for her own personal daytrip, and note both are FREE ENTRY though she’s themed her post Architecture, which I’d forgotten about………… Well seeing as Saturday was such a beautiful sunny day I thought why not visit the V&A Museum and here is a photographic journey taken that day.

🙂 Thanks Juliette for inspiring me to visit London and NOT spend the morning in bed!

But first before I begin 2 pictures of the coach and underground tickets! 04/08/2018 🙂

The V&A museum Google for more detail

The 2 hour Oxford to London journey shuttled me deep into the heart of London, then from Victoria Coach Station I took the Underground directly to The V&A Museum, I’ve never visited before and being quite excited thought it would make a good start to the day!

London day trip 024
Entrance to the V&A (Victoria and Albert Museum)
London day trip 026
Western Cast Wall remind me of a Victorian backstreet, must be spooky at night with just moonlight streaming in

(Above) just look at the effect bright shafts of sunlight has on the structure!

Below The Hereford Screen, I actually stood gazing at this magnificent choir screen for what must have been 10 minutes…….. loved it! (Text courtesy of that fountain of knowledge Wikipedia.)

‘The Hereford Screen is a great choir screen designed by Sir George Gilbert Scott (1811–1878) and made for Hereford Cathedral, England in 1862. It was one of the Gothic Revival works in iron of the nineteenth century and when it was unveiled at the 1862 International Exhibition it was hailed as the “grandest and most triumphant achievement of modern architectural art”

London day trip 028London day trip 027

London day trip 025
V&A Museum entrance Hall, more spectacular sculptures!

Juliette you visited the National Portrait, well I’ve been inside before though admittedly not for a few years! But decided on Tate Britain (picture and sculpture gallery) instead and I loved it! The paintings are truly spectacular by artists such as Turner and Constable, incidentally ‘The Hay Wain’ is displayed here……………… ok but I’m not a landscape man :/ .

Tate Britain fabulous! I loved it! Perhaps Wiki for more detail!

The Tate (note not Tate Modern at Battersea) is a picture gallery home to so many great artists through centuries past and or course many painted scenes from the Bible (loved these fables have inspired great works of art)……………. I’ll visit again simply because you could spend a whole afternoon looking at just 3 paintings……………… couldn’t you!

London 2018 August 4th 126
Entrance, many Victorian museums had these magnificent stone structures built ESPECIALLY for them! Hmm Britain had a rich Empire back then.

The ‘Lady of Shalott’ (below & 1 of 3 versions) can be seen here, a truly beautiful image and I can assure you my camera hasn’t done the painting any justice…………. the light inside the gallery was poor and the public cannot take flash photography!

London 2018 August 4th 135
The Lady of Shalott by John William Waterhouse

And below my favourite sculpture of the day, in fact my favourite art piece housed in Tate Britain, can you guess why? And very pert smooth and shapely she was tooo! Her name?………. I’m afraid I forgot my pen and paper sorry.

(Looking at the sculpture once again I’ve just this second noticed something I hadn’t seen at the gallery! Look closely below her feet and I see a snake coiling itself around the plinth…….…… which says to me the lady in the sculpture is in fact ‘Eve’ from the book of Genesis, she gave Adam the fruit so lol all blame should lie at her feet?)

London 2018 August 4th 140
My favourite…… omg she’d look spectacular in my rear garden!

London day trip 012
Err read my erotic stories and perhaps you’ll understand why!

Below a SHORT video taken by me and note the painting ‘Punch and Judy’ also known as ‘May Day’.

Three special paintings I love,

London day trip 008
London Bridge
London 2018 August 4th 131
18th Century London Street scene called ‘Punch and Judy’ or ‘Mayday’
London day trip 010
This nude dying woman lies at the bottom of a much larger painting, I loved the picture why? Who knows I guess it spoke to me in ways indescribable

Finally the black cone (below) caught my eye, absolutely NO idea what it is? But a fascinating modern sculpture all the same! (To me anyway perhaps because I’m an Engineer)

London day trip 007
Hmm a ‘Penny for your thoughts’, any ideas?
London day trip 009
The Main Hall, gallery rooms branch off the whole length of this space

I’ll stop here because this post is in danger of being TOOO LONG, to be continued with photos taken of London as a whole…………..

A. Shepherdson August 2018

21 thoughts on “I visited London yesterday……. museums and art galleries

  1. Fantastic Andrew! I’m so pleased you got out of your bed! I shall have to do the Tate next trip. The draw for me to the National Gallery was the ‘Monet & Architecture’ exhibition…

    I’m looking forward to your other shots too. 😊

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Ooooh you went to Tate? I often wonder if Sir Joshua Reynolds’s ‘Age of Innocence’ is still there. My parents used to have a replica in their house, many many years ago.

    Liked by 1 person

    • 🙂 I thought readers might guess, but like you said ‘bloggers interact or die’ and so very true, unless Juliette had suggested then I would never had visited London…. oh the power of the internet!

      Liked by 1 person

  3. As I lived in London for 60 years, the museums and art galleries were very familiar to me, and I visited them often. For a long time, I worked just off of Trafalgar Square, so could easily visit the National Gallery, and the Portrait Gallery.
    If you will forgive some minor corrections, the painting you have captioned as ‘Westminster Bridge’ is in fact London Bridge. (Probably the one sold to the US and rebuilt in Lake Havasu City) It was painted by Kerry James Marshall, and you can see the nameplate clearly. And The Tate Modern is quite a long way from Battersea, as it is situated in Bankside, S.E.1, the part of London where I grew up.
    Thanks for following my blog, which is much appreciated.
    Best wishes, Pete.

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