EROTICA, for Centuries women have found pleasure upon the faces of men. Rosie!

Mildly adult themed therefore NSFW, incidentally did you know the anachronym stands for Not Suitable For Work? Hmm I didn’t until just recently, true.

oralI remember the afternoon I tasted a woman for the first time, close my eyes and I see two naked adults laying on a bed together, one a middle aged guy the other an Irish lady with dusty blonde hair and a few miles on the clock. Curvaceous she was with round perky tits, a tiny waist as you could ever hope to see and conversely wide child bearing hips giving her a classic pear shape figure as only English girls usually have.

So there we lay in a swanky London bedroom (hmm we’ll name her Rosie) the day she agreed to me going down below, she wasn’t sure mind biting her bottom lip with thoughts of I want to but let him wait, and a guy must never EVER pressurise a lady into doing something she’s not keen to. There Rosie lay on a friend’s large double bed, a window to our right curtains drawn with Autumn sun streaming onto us two naked lovers, passion filled and excited as two giddy intoxicated teenagers making love for the first time, the warmth of the sunlight making the temperature just right against a new season chill.

I asked, she agreed and neither of us had come after much kissing and fondling building to an intensity as only fabulous foreplay can do, the consequence both our brains were nervously excited and sexually stimulated as I moved from laying beside her warm fragrant body of sizeable hips and boobs jiggling like cold jelly sitting on a plate. Rosie parted her thighs, slowly to reveal sweet honey as you lift the lid of a beehive, a wonderous gorgeous moment as her lips curtain open, a moment I will never tire of till my dying day ❤ . 

Rosie now laying in the most receptive position a woman could ever give of herself if a little precarious, her outer labia parted revealing moistened pink flesh, plump soft folds near succulent to eat now made ever more shocking contrasted against milky white skin! But no I wasn’t going to slip and slide my hardness inside, no not for a while anyway, this afternoon I’d been given permission to lick and taste this wonderous beautiful oh so erotic opening leading deep inside a woman’s physical soul. 

I knelt before her as if praying at a religious altar, a special Godly place where you discover the meaning to life after entering heaven’s pearly gates. I smoothed the palms of my hands up and down her milk white silken thighs, touching for a second the pink patch surrounding her V, a colour of skin hidden by a woman’s panties and ever so erotic if you happen to see a lady her skirt drawn up her thighs, her intimacy hidden by soft white cotton delicates, if lucky you can just make out this flush tinted skin and yes very different to the rest of her body. Erotic. Secret and seldom often seen?

I’d waited my whole adult life for this moment, Rosie wide open her wet treasure glistening in the sunlight, me kneeling stroking with a finger, touching her pink rose petal the surrounding to her lips only to quickly pull away, tease her, arouse and excite, then Rosie having had enough of my annoying foreplay says,

“Go on Andrew lick me!”………….. a woman of few words was Rosie and if you want something badly enough do you need to ask twice when the connection you have with a lover is a near telepathic joining of souls!

“Ok……… yes thank you”, I reply with a boyishly wicked grin across my face, my hardness bucking like a wild stallion soon to climb the back of his mare……… but not yet, soon my hardness would quench it’s temper like hot iron steel plunged into ice cold water steam rising toward the heavens.

(Omg 😀 so many visual metaphors)

Both consenting age 30+ adults ready to enjoy oral pleasures of the flesh, I place my forearms either side of her hips just atop her strong womanly thighs, pressing my hands into clean bedding and lowering my masculine upper body with the hairy chest she so enjoys running her fingers through, I finally bow my head nuzzling my face onto her velvet soft moistened flesh, hairless trimmed and dutifully waxed of all P hair!

‘But hold on’ what’s Rosie doing firmly planting her open palms on top of my bald head? (yes I’m bald how sexy is that) ‘what’s she doing?’ I thought unable to ask as I was about to taste, But ‘phew’ seconds later I realise she’s not pushing me away. I’ll never forget Rosie’s reaction to me going down, instead of spurning my oral affections she quite firmly positioned my face to just where she wanted me, you see I was tooo low! Gently she drew my head toward her, my tongue trailing behind until the wet tip rested on yes her lol clitoris or mythical g spot! I ain’t gonna Google ‘where?’ Because I never do and there’ll be a hundred different answers as to where, so tell me ladies PLEASE lol are ‘they’ one and the same thing lol? Ok I’m only joking as if!

Rosie now happy and comfortable, no doubt anticipating my soon to be intimate affections moved her hands from around my head, gave out an audible contented sigh and replied,

“Go on then lick!” Like I said a woman of very few words.

And ‘well here I am’ I thought to myself, I’d very nearly reached the end of my unknown sexual path through life, I’d played with myself as a child, penetrated as an adult and been sucked to near exhaustion but cunnilingus was a lol whole NEW love game! Concentrating as hard my mind ever could, feeling cheeks of my face kissing moist folds of labia I began to lick, not like a cat lapping affront it’s saucer of milk no I was nuzzled near deep inside her freshly bathed intimacy, rolling the tip of my tongue no rhythmically circling around damp skin, baby soft it was. And no Rosie wasn’t dripping wet as those fabulous erotic writers describe in their wonderful naughty filthy poetry, no Rosie’s intimacy chose to moisten instead, clear love juice shimmering in the sunlight, and do you know I don’t think I ever enjoyed myself more the Autumn afternoon I tasted Rosie 😉 .

‘But hold on what of Rosie?’ Thirty seconds into my attempts at giving a lady oral pleasure I suddenly felt the overwhelming urge to gaze at her face, to gauge how she’s feeling, I pressed my hands deeper into the firm mattress, pulled my face away my inquisitive mind desperate to see pretty Rosie. Then lol the second visual photograph of our afternoon that’ll never leave me, utter shock and amazement actually because I’d never expected or imagined Rosie’s expression would look like this.

Her head was ever so slightly lifted, to the point of being uncomfortable on her neck. Rosie’s two eyes stared down at me, piercing unnerving with a gaze of concentration and animal wildness, yet there was something else about her glare I’d never seen in her or yet any woman for that matter. Her eyes had watered, a glistening captured by afternoon sunlight now bathing her face with a becoming lightness, yes her eyes appeared wild like a cornered tigress growling and excited, how would I describe her wide eyed glare? Gooey eyed, yes she felt pleasure, they resembled the third eyelid drawn across my mum’s collie as I tickled her tummy giving her a unique glazed expression. Hmm ecstasy?

Her lips now pursed quite tight I realised the wriggling touch of my tongue against her intimacy gave pleasure,  I guess tingly sensations had over powered her clit, made her V twitch and her hips ever so slightly squirm and I’ll never forget those glazed moistened gooey eyes!

“Why have you STOPPED!”, Rosie asked, she was more than a little annoyed either by me interrupting a special intimate feeling or that I’d stopped giving her exquisite oral pleasure?

Hmm whichever, over to you ladies 😀

“Please continue” she purred, like I said if labouring a point, Rosie’s a woman of few words though not normally, she’ll open the front door to her flat, fling her arms around my shoulders drawing me into her bosom then never stop chatting about her day.

I pause!

“Pleazzeee continue”, this time whimpering like a 5 year old girl desperate to let her stroke my puppy, and NO stop those unkind thoughts, I’m talking about puppy dogs and not my hardened dick…………… come on now lol this is a clean loving adult tale of affection and LEGAL!

“Pleazzeee” her face and terse lips finally gorgeously breaking into a pretty smile, if a little pleading.

(Do you think I’ve done a decent job describing how lol she may just be enjoying herself?)

tumblr_lxfe4zUy3T1qfc5tgo1_500So dutifully I returned to pleasuring Rosie, crikey where do I take you with my tale now? So many words, so many virgin new experiences, so much rapturous joy, a whole body experience where every sense in my body is electrified alive, how can you describe a sexual awakening? Erotic writers try, try and try again with each new filthy tale to share how unique sensuous and erotic sx really is, but you cannot in naughty novelettes, though often one single page in a classic Georgian romantic novel oddly penned by a virgin posing as a guy encapsulates that moment of joyous sweet love more skilfully than most 300 page romps in an aeroplane toilet, or rolling nakedly in a hay barn………. all great fun and honestly far better tales than I could ever write.

Well if you’d really be interested to know, I orally pleasured Rosie for twenty minutes perhaps more, gently and lovingly but there was to be no orgasmic hysteria, clenched fists pulling sheets off the bed, no my lady partner lay there, breathing deeply and to my amusement rather contentedly, she’d lick her lips perhaps girlishly “hmm”.…………. mind you a Meg Ryan moment would have been fab!

But no I paused my tongue rather sore and tired, Rosie never asked why I’d stopped and well our cunnilingus session came to an appropriate end. We cuddled and giggled like naughty teenagers NO WE DIDN’T DON’T LIE ANDREW, as I remember I lay back beside her and we never spoke or shared our experience perhaps there are no words to describe such love, no as I remember we chatted about how a relative in Ireland could come to the Country to study as an exchange student, and then rather boringly she gave me a luxurious gentle hand-job!

Hmm so now to the question you’ve all hopefully been wondering, what did Rosie’s freshly bathed vulva taste of? Sugared honey? Well truthfully I’d say a gorgeous combination of wet sweet and salty…………….. AND she made my tongue SO numb! 

Is my tale true as told? I’ll leave you to guess 😉 .

© A. Shepherdson 2018 original and written by me

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