A word about my Blog for new Readers

Many thanks to a fellow blogger who’s shown me how important clearly defined categories are to a blog though I think my free theme is a little limited. But not to worry lovely WordPress give it to me for nothing thank you ❤ .

My blog is varied and eclectic content from cooking recipes, nature walks, thoughts, personal photographs and Erotic stories………… yes over the past 4 months I’ve ‘attempted’ to write erotic fiction.

Less chat more action here are the Pages where you can find Links to appropriate Posts, incidentally these Pages can be found shown on my Front Page.

Erotic Stories

Nature Walks

Cooking Recipes

My list of 77 original published posts can be ‘surfed’ through on the right hand side of the Main Page, 😀 good or bad I had fun writing them which is the point to Blogging.

A. Shepherdson 2018

5 thoughts on “A word about my Blog for new Readers

  1. Posting to a specific page when you have multiple pages is not possible. I set up my website according to categories which I added to my menu. When you click on any category specified in my menu, only posts with that specific category will be reflected on the page opening in the browser. You could try that as an alternative.

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  2. Categories??? I am doomed for sure. I have no categories clearly defined, well maybe photography. Everything else is just random “stuff”, whatever is in my head. But I like that your blog has categories. That way I can avoid sports or politics since I don’t have much interest in sports and the politics?? Well, I have learned to shut it all out for my own peace of mind and to avoid the rants of the deranged liberals. (My apologies if you are liberal, but we have our own special category here in the states, which I am sure no other country could ever top!)


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