Tomato beef Bolognese (with) Fusilli

🙂 I had intended to share more cookery posts with you lovely people across the globe but Supermarket pre-prepared chilled meals put paid to that idea, my Grandmother (both actually) would be horrified I buy pre-packaged macaroni cheese for heavens sake but they’re convenient, there’s no after washing up and well I’m lazy?

Talking of readers to my blog out there in cyber-sphere, okay I know I’m not hugely popular but I’m near addicted to checking statistics, I’m not a numbers person but I DO love the world map and I’m still blown away someone in China India or the Lebanon is stopping by to read a post………………. amazing ❤ .

HOWEVER I’m lol here to tell you I do bake cakes and cook from scratch, preparing and following a time schedule isn’t difficult for a skilled engineer and I refuse to purchase bottled curry and bolognaise sauces, mainly because of the amount of preservatives and chemicals contained PLUS I’ll divide into four portions eat one and freeze four now isn’t that sensible?

So this evening I have a recipe for tomato and beef bolognaise to be eaten with Fusilli pasta…….. oh and with accompanying photos are taken by me! Ok maybe not the prettiest but my bolognaises are tasty and warming comfort food on a cold winter’s evening.

Bolognase 017Bolognase 018


  • 400g – lean minced beef
  • 1 – tin of chopped tomatoes (although I have used skinless fresh)
  • 2 – chopped onions (do you soften? I don’t bother)
  • tomato puree, 1 desert spoonful bought in tube or tin form
  • 1 – oxo cube?
  • olive oil (for browning mince)
  • 1 – brown paper bag of mushrooms, chopped
  • 4oz – Fusilli pasta (from Waitrose supermarket)
  • cheese cubes of choice to sprinkle on top
  • ‘splurge’ of Heinze ketchup optional! (I’ve a another idea why not use chili sauce or the like?)
  • Ground black pepper

And :/ no err I don’t make my own pasta, hmm does anyone?


  1. Brown mince in saucepan with a touch of olive oil (drain off fat)
  2. Chop 2 onions
  3. Add tin of chopped tomatoes to saucepan and one can full of fresh water
  4. Season with ground black pepper
  5. Stir in tomato puree
  6. Add chopped onion
  7. Simmer for 1 hour (remember after 30 minutes add button mushrooms)
  8. Follow pasta directions on packet (usually is add pasta to boiling water cook for ten minutes
  9. Drain pasta, plate and add bolognaise mixture, sprinkle with cheese (remember you have extra portions three of which you can freeze)

I simmer over a low heat for one hour (tell me if I’m going wrong please) HOWEVER if I leave the mixture cooling in a pan over night then come next morning, and yes this could be wishful thinking, but the beef and tomato bolognaise seems to taste even better! The meat absorbing the flavour from all those lovely ingredients?

And yes I guess adding Heinze ketchup is cheating, but much like my blogging I don’t know what I’m doing consequently I ‘wing it’ so to speak! (BUT note the recipe is my mothers)

🙂 Enjoy! 

A. Shepherdson 2018