A little about me

Before I begin (and well done France World Cup Champions) a word of advice, if you’re going to sunbathe naked in your garden apply sunscreen, the backs of my legs will keep me warm in bed tonight! And note the last time you’ll ever see my ass on WordPress again!

Over seventy posts published and note each one original and written by me, yay aren’t I a clever boy! No my apologies if I’m coming across as bragging but yes I am rather proud of 4 month’s blogging and ALL my own work………… 🙂 btw you’ll have me for a while longer.

AND then I got to thinking besides several tag posts which you can read here if you’d really like to, I haven’t said a great deal about myself and there’s no real reason for this apart from like many of you bloggers out there, I am loathed to share tooo much detail of my private life……………. I’d love to but again like you all I have to be careful.

This isn’t a post about blogging but while I’m on the subject my advice is follow the common sense rules, no nudity lol, only reveal personal detail that you’re comfortable stranger’s knowing and especially in photographs, change your name or don’t change and never share addresses email numbers with strangers oh and last of all enjoy yourself it’s only writing 🙂 .

Ok a little about me because I’m feeling in the mood, I’m age 50, own my own home, single consequently often feel very lonely and similar to most men very much in love with my genitalia! A strange fact to admit but we guys love our bits more than you ladies know 😉 though I won’t share with you my hard 7½ inches because luckily for you, UK Law doesn’t allow and I WAS only joking anyway.

(How would a post fair totally dedicated to all things genitalia? Hmm there’s a thought not and incidentally I have written one dedicated to lady’s breasts, though I’ll never share)

I’m a skilled craftsmen by Trade, expert in the use of metalworking tools having begun a Toolmaking apprenticeship at the age of sweet 16, and yes I’m going to blow my own trumpet and say I’m rather good at my job (not much else though 😀 ) I’ll share a deep secret with you all, looking back over my shoulder towards my distant youthful past, I realise now I’ve missed opportunities to have relationships with girls. Life regrets are a terrible fact to live with and I guess if I have only one piece of advice to give noting that I’m now closer to the end than the beginning, and YES with age comes wisdom!

My one piece of advice to youngsters would be go talk to that girl or boy you’d love to know better! Ask them on a date because what’s the worst that can happen if he/she says no or isn’t interested? If no, then put the cold shoulder down to experience, learn a lesson move on and you’ll never have regrets.

Lol you’ll realise by now I have a dating regret!

I once knew a red headed girl from Sheffield, we met on a residential youth leader course she liked me I liked her and I should have tried harder to keep in touch after returning to our home cities. Not having done so is the biggest regret of my life though I have mitigating reasons for not doing so. Today when in life’s quieter moments I often ask myself ‘I wonder what is Helen doing now?’ Is she alive? Is she happy fit and healthy? But most of all I’m curious if she ever married? Oh and does she still have that curly red hair so becoming to her face and suited her so? Quite the little sexpot she was!

Perhaps soppy old me overplays the significance of getting to know someone briefly and in rather an intense atmosphere, we became friendly and that’s all but my sister met her future husband in similar circumstances then again a friend of mine married his childhood sweetheart he’d known right through school, who knows when and where cupid’s arrow strikes next?

Ahh missed opportunities but remember we’re talking of the days before email, mobile phones Snapchat WhatsApp and Facebook, keeping in touch with someone a hundred miles away would be so much easier now, but back in 19 whenever all we had was my mother’s phone and incidentally the line was shared with our next door neighbour! Hard to believe now but when I was young I would pick up our phone and sometimes hear my neighbour chatting to someone! My mum would often run round next door to tell them she had a call to make and would probably be chatting for such and such time. Incredible I know AND our number was only 4 digits long…………… 5210!

Yep ‘keeping in touch technology’ has made children’s lives so much happier even though I’d burn every last time-wasting Gaming console if I could, whatever happened to making go-carts out of wood and stolen pram wheels? I made at least three.

I’d guess Helen’s married simply because she possessed such a friendly kind bubbly personality, I also have a strong feeling she has several children and is quite probably a young Grandmother………… frigging hell time flies so fast! That’s another piece of advice I share with my lovely nieces, switch off those phones, forget on-line socialising and go chat with boys or girls because before you know it you’ll wake up one day aged fifty!

The commonly heard saying ‘life is wasted on the young’ is so true, children are blessed with youth health and vitality yet still mope around saying “I’m bored!” For Christ’s sake make use of those blessed gifts each and everyday while you’re still young. Not to worry in our family though, my nieces enjoy life to the full, they’re loved happy healthy have interests and many friends so who could ask for more? They enjoy life and that’s the best anyone can hope for………….. they’re all happy and again speaking with the benefit of wisdom, happiness is ALL that really matters! Hmm perhaps remembering short plump lovely Helen through rose tinted spectacles isn’t such a great idea!

Oh dear I began talking about meee and then became all philosophical about life, 🙂 early Sunday evening thoughts!

Ass 013
Sunburn! Painful dangerous and not funny.

A. Shepherdson 2018


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