News – I’ve had a change of mind!

Early Saturday morning thoughts.

Do you know what, I may even have stumbled across my ideal fantasy woman yesterday evening! Age 50, dusty blonde hair, large round DD boobs and strong shapely thighs, furthermore she’s confident stunning and exudes sexuality I’ll be dreaming of her in bed tonight for sure 😮 WOW!


🙂 Enough talk of gorgeous MILF, though the lady is stunning!

Btw a gastronomic tip for you, I’ve a deliciously tasty breakfast combination to tell you about! A bowl of Kellogg’s crunchy nut cornflakes topped with chopped strawberries tastes divine, food heaven, in fact I’m laying naked on my sun lounger enjoying the sun with a coffee and a bowl right now!

You wouldn’t imagine they work together, but they do! (note no milk)

Oh yes I had a new blog! Not a great idea no one read the post, and what’s the point writing a blog if no one reads? And I’m never starting a new blog again! (Lol I often muse that thought)

Therefore all future posts will appear on ‘ablogfromtheuk’, yes good or bad I’ll publish here, BUT I’ll inform readers if they’re mild adult or not, then the choice to read or not is yours alone. JUST be aware the next post will be different again err like a recipe for making lasagne with photos……………………. it’s coming!!!

And when I warn you contains mild adult themes what I really mean is the tale is so vanilla and tame, a Virgin Nun would read and NOT even blush let alone moisten down below? (Hmm do they, don’t be disrespectful!!!)……….. Jeeze I really don’t know why I bother ‘getting myself into such a tizzy’ over content?

But I’m a nice guy and informing you only seems only fair.

My WordPress will always be eclectic, varied content and devoid of one single theme, for me that’s blogging fun, and when I stop enjoying ‘writing’ in this style is the day I finish or as a commenter once wrote ‘taking a break from blogging’ is absolutely fine.

A. Shepherdson 2018

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