I pulled a muscle in my back! (Response Post)


I had a slight accident and Claudette’s post aches pains and injuries: welcome to your 40s and 50s came to mind, so I thought why not write a response post they’re always great fun and I like her blog.

..…………… and yes pulling muscles when you’re 50 is far from!

I had lived until the age of 50 having never broken a bone in my body, quite an amazing fact actually because most people I know have broken at least 1 bone in their lifetime, my sibling has broken no end playing various contact sports so I’d guess serious injury and pain is part of the fun? HOWEVER note cracks and the like are certainly nothing to be envied or hoped for!

Then last year I stumbled whilst walking through the centre of Town, hit my head on the pavement and fractured my cheekbone in 4 frigging places, that meant a lot of fuss an ambulance ride to Hospital, time off work, x-rays and countless Follow up visits, so please no more bone breaks ‘I’ve seen it done it and bought the tee-shirt!’

I HAVEN’T (finger’s crossed, touch wood, hope I’m not tempting fate) broken another bone and hope I never do but in life you just never know what’s around the corner, in fact we live our lives oblivious to what-ifs simply because we’d send ourselves insane trying to imagine every worst scenario possible.

A quick tale for you, last week I was in my kitchen preparing a salad for tea, washing lettuce, chopping tomatoes, grilling a jacket potato, constantly going back and forth to the fridge for cheese grapes radishes dip and an egg for boiling, I love eggs! Yes after boiling my egg and 10 mins later peeling the shell off I placed the steaming object on the kitchen work top, walked away, turned to see it rolling off the chopping board, lunged to try and catch it before hitting the floor and pulled a muscle in my back AND the boiled egg hit the floor!

Lol the pain was crippling, I could hardly get out of bed the next morning but I’m feeling much better now thanks for asking 😀 . 

On reflection I think Claudette’s posts hinted at the answer to aging and the body’s susceptibility to picking up aches and pains, I have a feeling the answer is no more complicated than applying gentle stretches to muscles groups but without the use of weights!………………… That knowledge comes from years of reading women’s magazines.


So my advice is take care of yourselves (and loved ones), and beware rolling hard boiled eggs. 

A. Shepherdson 2018.

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