Why do I Follow and READ :) mommy blogs?


Before I begin this post, I should like to say it’s written with the fair sex in mind (or anyone), and as always I’ve the utmost respect for all women, yet I don’t always understand them :/ .

Lol I’m hoping any mommy’s I follow will be interested in this evening’s post, not so much a philosophical expose of the working’s of my inner mind AND please note I don’t feel I have to admit and share any perverted big dark secret from deep within my consciousness, yes I occasionally write my more adult posts but they’re just for fun.

Love! Yes when I’m discussing my own past partners and the choice is between some slim lithe 18 year old beauty OR a lady with a few miles on the clock I’ll choose the lady 48 years young EVERY single time. Older women have experience and I’m not talking bedroom gymnastics, nope you’ll never pull the wool over a mature lady’s eyes so to speak I think having children puts paid to that, not forgetting moms bs spotting radar is phenomenally fine tuned, accurate. I’ll have to mention at least something of sex, at a push I’d say best of all their tits are less firm and a little droopy the glorious consequence pendulous and squishy to play with in the hand, enough lol.

There’s a phrase in the English language which seemed very apt today, from experience I have to be careful the info I share here, just be aware today and yesterday I met many middle aged women chaperoning their 16 year old children around the ‘organisation’, and yes that apt well known British phrase called yummy mummy’s were everywhere………… I enjoyed today πŸ˜€ .

That’s enough silly sex talk Andrew!!! LOL πŸ˜€ .

And now to all the 50 year ladies I work with, they’re fascinating creatures who have a smouldering sexuality beneath their calm cool exterior a much used phrase but oh how true, and I can’t help imagining they’re perhaps horny and a little dirty in bed. Hmm I could be wrong but our secretary at work is lusted after by many a young and old man, she’s so efficient she keeps the older guys on their toes just like their wives do at home?………. And if she ever read this post I’d like to say Miss your cleavage and shoulder length bottled chestnut brown hair suits you down too a tee.

However before the middle aged mommy’s of which I speak go and unfollow and block my honest genuine and fun replies to their posts, fabulous tales of their daily lives I enjoy reading I’ll TRY and be a little more constructive from here on in!

So why do I Follow five or so Mommy blogs and note of teenagers NOT toddlers? The reason isn’t creepy and perhaps the mommy’s are curious when every otherΒ  blog commenter has family’s in like minded situations. The reason is nothing more sinister than I enjoy reading stories of ‘juggling many metaphorical balls in the air’, keeping a balanced sense of humour, tales of stress and hassles of tumble driers that keep breaking down, or trying to bribe the children to dispose of empty bottles of wine in the drive. Then there was Joanna’s tale of a snake that slithered unnoticed in her kitchen, I actually laughed out loud at that one as she described the panic and her near incontinence.

jjjjjjjmmSo ladies there’s nothing more to be curious about or understand than I’m a single guy aged 50 without children, perhaps you didn’t wonder lol. I enjoy reading the way you juggle all the many demands on your life and time, and most of all how Claudette demonstrates a parenting skill my mother used to intrigue me with, namely her ability to mind read and foresee the answer to a life problem I hadn’t yet figured out I had!……………… I think that is universally referred to as a mother’s intuition.

That’s my reason for reading oh and not forgetting you are fabulously entertaining writers! Sex bloggers bore me but mommy’s never do πŸ™‚ .

A. Shepherdson 2018


10 thoughts on “Why do I Follow and READ :) mommy blogs?

  1. Love this!! It’s funny…you said a line in your piece (I’m not going to quote it here, but feel free to guess) that someone actually said to me last week….

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