A quick chatty Post

Hmm a question, is Sam Johnson one of the sexiest men alive? I wish 😦 .


You have to enjoy and remember days like these. Today’s been the hottest day of the year, I visited my mother’s, we watched England beat Panama six one and easily Mum likes her footy, then sit in the garden enjoying the sun again, AND what a welcome change to qualify to the next round early without having to get the calculator out!

(Btw that’s my first and final reference to World Cup football 🙂 )

I say quick Post I mean chatty, always before I sit down to begin writing in draft believe me when I say I intend (another word for hope) my tale will be concise short and sweet, trouble is by the time I’ve finished backtracked and corrected spelling errors etc, after Publishing my post it’s always over 1000 words? Lol not to worry.

Hmm but I wonder why is this? I’m unsure but interesting (to me) all the same!

Again I say this afternoon’s is a personal post, where’s the harm in just sitting and writing and I’ve achieved quite a special goal for me and my silly Blog, WordPress have just notified me via that bell I’m addicted to keep checking, they tell me I’ve been Liked now by 500 readers! Omg wow that large number still blows me away, just imagine 500 people enjoyed a Post to such an extent they pressed a Like button, and yes many bloggers have more but I’m very proud of the fact every Post has received at least one 🙂 .

I’ll be around for a little while longer and future Posts will likely be even more eclectically themed than usual, possibly in amongst blogs that will undoubtedly appear from knowwhere as they do with all of you. Just be aware I’ve quite a few posts in draft that have taken a little while longer to ‘write’, and lol believe it or not I have to be really happy with a post before publishing…………….. they’re probably not as good as I like to think they are mind, but hey I had fun writing/creating so note themes will be MORE varied than usual. 

(363 words now there’s a record, sorry 370!)

A. Shepherdson 2018