Mrs May YOU are embarrassing!

I have said this is a Politics free blog…………… there are exceptions!

Theresa May Britain’s Prime Minister, an intelligent powerful woman her finger on the Nuclear button attended a function Thursday and was photographed (below) bowing and fawning to a clearly embarrassed Prince William…………….. you can almost feel her aged knee joints creaking as she could crouch and kowtow no lower! In fact this cringeworthy act of seeking favour from a long ago bygone age make’s me angry, not at the Royalty for I am a staunch fan of ‘The House of Windsor’, no I’m annoyed people still in 2018 make such fools of themselves, William can almost be heard mouthing,

“Get up woman you’re the Prime Minister for God’s sake!”


Please note I’m far from being a misogynist, the sight of PM Cameron bowing his head to Royalty made me feel equally as sick 😮 . When first elected I placed a great deal of faith in Mrs May to stand up to our hard line Right Wing racist Brexiteer Ministers, but irrespective of whether she’s a woman, because I admire powerful strong willed women, the above photo paints a thousand words 😦 . 

So very sad Theresa’s truly embarrassing herself, I can hardly give her photo a second look especially when the Queen has put on record she doesn’t expect people’s sycophantic grovelling (I’d guess that’s another phrase for “please don’t do it”).

Having said all of that!

Since the day Theresa was first elected I’ve considered her a VERY sexually appealing woman, perhaps labelling her MILF is a little strong but all the same whether she’s wearing a figure hugging slinky dress, or leopard print kitten heals call me odd but I think Theresa has sophisticated style and yes I wouldn’t say no! She is very sexy! ❤

(And btw for the record there aren’t many Politicians I’d say the same about, so perhaps the saying ‘power is an aphrodisiac’ is truer than you’d imagine!)

A. Shepherdson 2018

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