‘Pure Nettle’ (herbal hot drink)

My box of ‘Pure Nettle’ photographed alongside nettles growing in my rear garden!

Nettle Tea 004

For those readers following my virgin adventure into the world of drinking green tea I fear I have good and bad news for you. First the good, I absolutely love Tetley’s Mango and Passion Fruit, mind you getting used to the taste of drinking fruit flavoured green tea took a while but I’m here to tell you I drink little else, Mango and Passion Fruit is so refreshing bearing in mind Britain’s glorious June heatwave.

The bad news is the same cannot be said for Twining’s Blackcurrant, I’m afraid I’ve given up after drinking five mugfuls, however I gave the box with remaining bags to my mother and she quite enjoys the taste. For myself though, the Blackcurrant infusion is far tooo overpowering, so much it tastes to all intent and purposes warmed water with sweet Blackcurrant cordial, not to worry he who dares wins!

Please click ‘here’ to read the post for my two tea Reviews 🙂 .

This evening after working late in Oxford, I called in at my local supermarket on the way home, and if you’re interested I had ‘macaroni cheese’ then ‘strawberries and cream’ for my supper! But as I’m enjoying trying these different herb and fruit flavoured teas I always dwell at the shelves stacked with colourful Twinning’s boxes, in fact I stand for ages reading a specific sentence namely ‘What does it taste like’, and what a brilliant marketing tool they’ve dreamed up! Because I’d guess most customers will be asking themselves ‘I wonder if I’d like the taste they describe’?

Twinning’s have hit on a very clever marketing tool indeed!

So this evening after dwelling a rather long time in the hot drinks aisle I bought ‘Pure Nettle’, and if you’re interested here’s how Twinning’s describe their herbal ‘tea’?

‘Experience the softer side of nettle with this light, delicate infusion. A smooth, refreshing blend perfect for any time of the day.’

Well all I can tell you is after my first taste of Pure Nettle I absolutely love it, and no as a consequence my tongue didn’t get stung! (Not that I thought it would lol).

A. Shepherdson 2018

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