Such a shame :(


In scene’s reminiscent to the fire storms that engulphed the East End of London during the Blitz, tragically a huge fire has devastated one of Scotland’s most iconic landmarks the Glasgow School of Art’s Mackintosh Building. But fortunately no one was injured and I didn’t know until today that after the significant 2014 fire Brad Pitt had been one of the main contributors to its restoration.

A quote from today’s Spectator – ‘Particularly catastrophic is the reported destruction of the three-storied library on the west side of the building. This was Mackintosh’s crowning glory, a light, airy – but wood-heavy – space dominated by triple-tiered windows.’

Early this morning after 150 firemen and 15 engines finally brought the devastating blaze under control, the fear is the Great Hall and famous Library has been lost forever and ironically the building was undergoing a multi-million pound restoration after the last fire but for reasons which will un fold later, a fire took hold and I fear destroyed this iconic building.

Such a shame and a reminder however much I moan at work about Britain’s perceived ‘nanny-State’ Health and Safety fixation, fire Legislation exists to stop wonderful buildings such as these being burnt to the ground . 😦

Ironically two days ago Britain was marking the one year anniversary after the Grenfell Tower Block Tragedy, scenes so very reminiscent to Glasgow’s fire last night and I do hate days like these when awful events suddenly appear on the TV News whatever country has been hit by a disaster. They’re unexpected and shocking in equal measure and difficult for the human mind to process, so sadly the Library has been lost but at least there were no casualties this time. 

A. Shepherdson 2018


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