My gardening (mini) Project!

Something a little different for you this lunch time, remember my Blog posts are eclectic and whatever captures my imagination at the time, they could be adult themed then again they might not be…………….. lol all very Forest Gump and boxes of chocolates!

One or two people who Follow and Read my WordPress will know throughout the summer months I grow Raspberries in my rear Garden, just so as you know I live in the United Kingdom, the Cotswolds to be 😉 more exact.

This year’s fruit crop is in the midst of flowering with bee buzzing bees transferring pollen between plants and to show the fruit I hope to be picking below are 2 photographs showing last years crop, taken in late August………. jeeze where does the time go? Scary, only seems like last week I was picking and eating them………… and remember they’re 2017 pictures. 

The variety I planted way back 2015 were late summer fruiting, you can buy early season canes but I didn’t have much success with those, no idea why? Anyways several weeks after taking the above photos my Town was hit by an Electric thunderstorm, a truly spectacular evening (clears the air stops me watching my neighbour Helen undressing down to her bra and……… 😉 ) all very impressive, but the wind rather damaged my Raspberry canes however not to worry I’d eaten plenty of bowlfuls that summer…………… warm cream and cold Raspberries yum yum! 😀

So being at a loose end Sunday afternoon I constructed a frame, not bodged mind I’m an engineer by Trade and all without plans or sketches. No I raided my Garage of timber, measured marked and cut lengths to a line then screwed together gluing the 45 degree corner braces, just to give the frame extra strength when the gales hit which they surely will!

Then I screwed the rear of the frame to my neighbours garden fence, but he’ll be fine because he’s a lovely guy and a great neighbour, then finally to finish my mini construction project completed I painted the frame and began to stretch garden string between the A frames. That should help to stop the wind snapping my Raspberries in half!…………….. Note looking at my photos below the twining is unfinished.

Why the need for A frames? Hmm I may add a couple of hanging baskets with Strawberry plants inside, we’ll see! 

Garden Frame 004

Btw 🙂 I’m not showing off you may glean an idea or two from my very easily made, functional, minimalist garden frame that may help plants in high winds, oh and with easy access to the front for picking fruit……… and there’s plenty of scope for………… well whatever takes my fancy! 

©A. Shepherdson 2018

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