what’s inside your briefs? (Body image fun)

This could well be the final chapter in my ‘mild adult themed’ post series…. then again it may not, a lady sitting astride my face is a fabulous whatever lol, I will say penetration is all sexy and ‘stuff’ but cunnilingus 😛 cannot be bettered for intimacy pleasuring both and connecting with your lover’s soul, but perhaps a ‘family’ blog isn’t the place for true love fun and games? 

The hour is late but before I go to bed I’m sharing an old photo taken many months ago, the reasons why it was taken and context (there was one) don’t really matter, just be aware the image was captured for fun and not because I’m a narcissist who loves himself…….. well no more than is healthy!

As an aside I possess no great girth, but according to Cosmopolitan magazine, my favourite bedtime read at the moment, according to their sex expert my length ranks above average? Hmm I’m not going to share in inches but a fact worth knowing all the same! 😉

Btw I’m struggling with the taste of Blackcurrant & Blueberry green tea, but just know I’m persevering and trying hard to enjoy the flavour …………… you mean you don’t understand? Then click here please 🙂


Time to time I’ll stand naked in front of a full length dresser mirror and gaze upon an imperfect body, look at that world weary face staring back at me and I guess like everyone the feeling isn’t always a happy one. However, hold on a ‘mo’, whenever I happen across this image inside my computer’s Picture folder I smile and think to myself ‘you do have a nice package’ (bulge in briefs) and call me ‘odd’ if you wish, but this photo never fails to make me smile 🙂

And where’s the harm in that.

In my lifetime I’ll have you know I’ve walked down a street and noticed ladies looking at the visible ‘bump’ through my jeans, the fact they noticed never failed to bring a smile and that’s why if I glance at a lady’s assets I never feel guilty or awful appreciating her sexuality, life’s far tooo short to worry about what she’s thinking as long as I’m respectful or don’t make her feel uncomfortable, and yes I’ll be honest and say even though I’m age 50 a Uni student (18+) the other day caught me looking at her ‘cleavage’ and grinned..……….. days such as these make life worth living.

AND before you lick your lips and get tooo carried away just remember inside is mostly balls, just so as you know, mind you in bed last week Karina kept herself occupied for ages playing with it? 😉

All men love admiring the reflected glory of their ‘package’ in the mirror, possibly in the same way women will address themselves side on so as to appreciate their curvy profile of womanly breasts whatever the size! Us men will use a hand to give the package ‘a cup and a lift’, much the same as women smooth and reposition their bundles of fun……………. both sexes are no different, we’re one and the same animal and there’s absolutely no shame in enjoying the way your body looks.

So don’t ever feel guilty admiring your best parts in the mirror because if you don’t appreciate your best features how can you live with the so called imperfections? Oh and just in case you’re wondering the bump in my groin is ALL mine and yes Karina I agree, I need to get some sun on those white legs!

Just for fun and I hope this brings a smile to Girl with the Pawprint Tattoo…………… hopefully?

A. Shepherdson 2018



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