‘mango & passion fruit’ Green Tea

I’ve acquired a pleasant taste for Mango and Passion fruit Green Tea, and I’d agree with anyone who says fruit flavoured green tea makes for an odd combination and I thought the same looking at the box sitting on the promotional shelf inside my local convenience store!

Hmm ‘very odd indeed’ as I stood looking at a green Tetley’s carboard box containing only 20 bags and thought to myself, ‘it’s half price,’ I’ve never tasted green tea before so yes I’ll buy it and see what all the fuss is about?

I should at this point I’ve drunk regular tea with a dash of milk for the last forty years and if you reside outside the UK you may already be aware us Brits are addicted to tea, in fact some of us like myself would be more than happy if intravenously fed straight into the tummy…………….. :/ coffee I can take or leave but tea without sugar is the drink for meee, and never more so than that first mugful when I arrive at work 7.20am!

Returning to my carton of green tea bought in Tesco’s around the corner!

Green tea 004.JPG

Silly really I’ve reached the age of 50 without never having tasted green tea AND without milk, apparently that’s very important! I’ve lived 40 years of my life drinking regular tea but never tried green? .………….. Jeeze you can tell I’ve led an adventurous life, oh and here’s Tetley’s mouth watering phrase designed to catch the customer’s eye,


BTW product packaging bs never works with me, if a price has been slashed then lol I’ll try.

So after having purchased said box from the lovely Melanie behind the counter, she’s twentyish dumpy very sweet and friendly (big bust) and if I was 30 years younger I’d ask her on a date but there you are the years pass by and I suddenly realise I’m older than her father!

Anyways I pay for the box of bags take them home, fill the kettle and follow Tetley’s brewing instructions,

‘Pop one bag into a warmed mug. Add freshly drawn nearly-boiling water stir and gently squeeze. Brew and enjoy!’

Ok lol I’m an intelligent guy.

So having followed Tetley’s instructions I settle myself in an armchair and take a first sip of near-boiling Mango and Passion Fruit Green Tea and you know exactly what I’m about to say, yes I hated it! However because I’m exceedingly tight with money I persevered drinking every last drop………….. but just know I didn’t particularly enjoy it!

How would I describe the taste? Hmm all I’m going to say is I didn’t like the fruitiness, further my tongue kinda numbed and there was a distinct ‘chalky’ after taste. But as I’ve told you before, I hate wasting money so I persevered brewed and drank all 20 tea bags………. ‘waste not want not’ as my grandmother used to say.

“So Andrew what’s your opinion now?”, you may be asking?

Well shortly after snapping the above photograph, then drinking the above mugful whilst sitting here tapping away contentedly on my laptop, all I can inform you now is I absolutely adore mango fruit flavoured green teas, in fact at both home and at work I drink nothing else.

The ONLY problem is…………………

Tea 001

…………I’ve gone and bought a box of Twining’s Blackcurrant & Blueberry green tea and I absolutely hate the taste, far tooo sweet to my taste but time will tell whether in a week’s time I’ll drink little else?

The point to this post, if there is one lol, the thought process behind this evening’s post is I guess the combination of human brain, a sense of smell and taste buds on our tongue always always takes a period of time to become accustomed to new taste experiences, in fact recently I heard a ‘parenting expert’ on the TV say that a parent must introduce a new food to their baby’s mouth TEN occasions before they’ll begin to accept the taste….. you’ll have to comment on this one!

AND as all you parents out there feeding your 2 year olds understand, mealtime is a constant battle of wills, but persevere and they’ll probably enjoy all foods the world has to offer as an adult, give in and they’ll only ever eat junk flavoured with fat and sugar.

A. Shepherdson 2018