Response to raynotbradbury

😮 Lol I know for the last several days I’ve promised to publish a fun Sex Pistol (1970’s band) Muppet song grammatical post, but I found myself distracted (a big problem with me) and written an off the cuff response instead! So stay tuned.

Not to worry though, here are my thoughts on plagiarism…………. the theft of ideas.

I both love and enjoy giving my own response to a post written by another Blogger either sharing an opinion, answering their tag questions though I never Award, link or tag others because I’d hate to put them on a spot and take liberties. Because whatever your opinion of Awards (answers to personal questions) they are a great way of getting to know people better and perhaps the worst word you could attribute to a great post idea is ‘Award’…………. Awards are given as prizes for talented high achievers then again participants are playing a game so what do I know?

My response to raynotbradbury’s post ‘M is for Magic W is written’ comes in 2 parts though I’m afraid I shall not be sharing ‘said’ photographs of my day because umm I haven’t many. 

Blogger raynotbradbury shared a blackboard image revealing a thought provoking image/message which as I replied in her comments, the juxtaposition of good theft against bad theft had the cogs in my brain revolving for several hours after, and lol here I am now sharing the lady’s image lifted (borrowed) from her Blog, though not stolen because I give raynotbradbury full credit (in addition I’ll link to hers) and it prompted a reaction.

Below is her list of good theft’s alongside bad theft’s and presented a little like a blackboard easel in a classroom, the juxtaposition of both columns prompts a reaction because one side is in direct opposition to the other therefore your brain cogitates and ruminates, its message is as simple as good versus evil or a black and white plus a question of morality.


Now I’m going to refrain from writing a lengthy essay and instead share with you my own personal thoughts on ‘idea theft’, simply because the ‘blackboard’ synopsis could resemble an essay you’d forward to a college lecturer, but I’d guess you’ll have strong views on what is allowed when using other writer’s material, copied ideas and thoughts within your own writing, so lol I won’t  because you will ALL have personal stories to tell. I know Holly has regrettably been copied many times……… the consequence of being a great poetess.

Very thought provoking all the same when you think back to the info you’ve uploaded (or has been uploaded of you by someone else!) remember when your child starred in a school play?

Though I will share one anecdote, btw I’m gazing out of my living room window because my Town is about to be hit by one almighty thunderstorm!

(Above are photographs I’ve snapped!)

Many months ago I read a blog post from Canadian Blogger ‘Skinny and Single’ (very entertaining lady) and remember ablogfromtheuk isn’t my first WordPress, now I’m afraid I cannot recall Laura’s post though within our comment thread she did point out something that hadn’t ever crossed my mind and I quite literally murmured to myself “OMFG!”

I guess Laura’s post was WordPress related because she replied,

‘it’s highly likely someone has copied one of your posts’ (because she (Laura) has been plagiarised 😦 )

I guess all you have to realise is my Blog at the time was reasonably popular, not to worry perhaps no one did copy however I did wonder if I’d been plagiarised, post content stolen and my second thought was ‘have any of my personal photo’s been copied and pasted to other internet users Picture Folders?’

Hmm? :/

You may have guessed over the space of many months I’d posted several personal photographs, I’ll go further as to say I’m absolutely 100% positively convinced my pictures are now in the possession of others and perhaps being used touted as their own which is a little upsetting. However I’m an ‘intelligent’ adult male, I’m fully aware the internet is not always populated my honest people so I have been careful to only show photographs that I know could be reused, do I mind?

Yes and no, I’m in no position to ‘throw stones because I live inside a house with glass windows!’ To be more exact I’ve shown photos saved/downloaded from Google (regularly) but don’t friggin panic they’re all legal and borrowed from legal websites and used (with care) within a context, but I’d guess the owner isn’t aware they’ve been uploaded by a friend acquaintance or ‘friend’…………

The moral of the story is you have to be so SO careful the pictures you allow people to take of yourself………………….. allow a boyfriend to take naked pictures ‘legs akimbo’, then after you’ve split up don’t be surprised to see them on YouPorn! 

Yes, it’s happened!

Hence when I posted this one I was careful………. hmm showing my face could create no end of employment problems! I can assure there IS context with the photo below. ‘click here’ 

Me for post (6)

Secondly yes I do mind someone may have copied a family picture and called it their own for no other reason than the photo could be of a Grandparent, but they’re passed away and again I’ve been careful………..though highly unlikely and well if they have then all I can say is ‘you are a sad bastard!’ and glass houses etc.

Every other photograph (more will follow) here is I guess fair game and if you enjoy my post content then please link to this Blog.

In conclusion you out there be very VERY careful the photos you share on the internet, absolutely no nudes especially if you are female and remember if you upload an image to Facebook, they then legally own.

😮 !

You mean you didn’t realise this?


A. Shepherdson 2018



24 thoughts on “Response to raynotbradbury

    • Yes I’m afraid we are, especially if you are a parent and Facebook isn’t covering itself in much glory these days! ……………….I trust you are well 🙂 as you’ll have guessed I dip into your blog time to time.


  1. Very interesting ✌️response! I’m aware that the pictures we r posting can be used or posted in other places of coz, but I do not post nude pics.
    About theft of texts – if the text has been stolen: lets say ”word to word” = Copy-Paste …then it is a bad or lazy theft. I think nobody would steal mine texts tho bcz it’s full of gram mistakes 😂
    If u steal from 10 authors at once & create ur own text = u r smart guy & applause!
    I do believe…bad or good = it’s happening a lot!
    Ps. Didn’t know about FB – owns our pics.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Mmm … I’m afraid that I’m happy to see my public photos on the internet. In fact, I have a website which allows you to download photos at will and use them for personal or commercial purposes. But of course, they are landscapes of our coastline and I’ve only ever seen them copied by companies in the tourist industry. But I hear what you say – naked selfies should not be pasted on social media.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Hi Hester, I agree I’m more than happy if someone wants to copy a photograph even the old ones, I guess as long as lol they don’t say my Grandparents are their own AND of course I download so I’m cool with it.

      Liked by 1 person

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