I’ve been Blogging for exactly 3 months

No grand speeches or trumpet fanfares I just wanted to say I’ve been Blogging for 3 months now and I promise the Sex Pistols post I keep telling you about will be published next, my Grandfather many years ago used to say to me “you’ll never hang yourself because you change your mind to often”, an odd rather macabre saying but it used to make him chuckle!

Yes three months Blogging and 45 posts published later and I’ll have to admit I’ve been feeling a little disheartened, WordPress can be a little lonely at times but I’ve been Following some truly fabulous ‘new to me’ Bloggers and even if they only look at my Post list once, they’ll see I take ‘creating’ very very seriously oh and the lovely Hester always makes me smile or writes a reply giving a different perspective. (Though I whole heartedly agree she mustn’t read my posts with the more adult content. 😀 )

Btw I am not a sex blogger however quite a few have had sexual themes so there could be more of those simply because I love writing them, I know not every one’s ‘cup O tea’ but as blogger Paola from Argentina always used tell me, “write what you want to (my name)”.  

And whilst we’re on the subject of adult content (erotica) I have six sexually themed posts (fun) unfinished in draft and here’s the working Titles, stumbling onto a shop floor selling women’s lingerie, sex chatrooms and the girls who work incredibly hard, giving cunnilingus, my first vagina face sitting experience, my thoughts on virginity and the afternoon I ‘lost’ mine lol! Anyways I realise they won’t be to everyone’s liking but I’m going to finish and believe it or not I do take great care writing these just be aware my opinions could well be non PC and not quite in line with #MeToo.

So will I be writing here in another 3 months time? Who knows but I enjoy creating and writing and always get an orgasmic thrill when it’s finally time to press that blue Publish button oh and I’m the first to admit I have failings as a writer but I have a good heart which along with tooo much honesty perhaps makes up for my shortcomings.


Below are unused Google Downloaded images that didn’t make it here onto my WordPress (they lol help the process), I guess you could say they all represent an idea that didn’t blossom into a published post……………….. lol perhaps imagine for a second why ever not! (Btw to this day the pretty PCSO still appears in my bedtime fantasies, various positions and different stages of undress 😉 ) hmm have I been regarded as disrespectful they’re only written in fun and I adore women in fact I’ll be in bed with one very sooon.

I should add the cartoon with Daphne ‘uhmm loving’ Thelma (Scooby Do!) Might make an appearance yet! Oh and the lady wearing the black jumper is photographed entering Court………. she faced VERY serious charges and I may share my thoughts on her case.


Oh and where would I ever be without spellcheck! 

A. Shepherdson 2018

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