Yours truly! March 2018

All photographs taken by meee (except the first!), A. Shepherdson 🙂

The ‘Beast from the East’ is set to visit our shores once again! For goodness sake I’ve had enough of this Siberian ‘snow beast’ for one Winter, we Brits love talking about atrocious weather conditions yet we’re never prepared when it arrives? No word of a lie once snow begins to settle on the roads my beloved country soon grinds to a frigging halt, transport stops, schools close and worst of all selfish people clear the grocery shelves of all bread and milk! Absolutely crazy behaviour and just so as you know, the sight of panic buying makes my blood boil, it’s so pointless and needless! 😀 Rant over.

Three occasions this winter Russia’s frozen Beast has dumped snow over the UK, 3 times the local buses have stopped running and my central heating’s been on permanently, I shudder to imagine what my next gas bill’s gonna cost me? :/

(Btw I’ve more 2018 snow blog photos to share! Yes?)

Don’t get me wrong living in snowy Oxford can be fun and a novelty, for youngsters, but commuting to work’s been a frigging nightmare this year, so that’s enough fun and novelty for 2018 thank you very much 🙂

Our snow drifted Bins, exciting photo hey? Not!
Dusk and snow is beginning to settle
The following day, noticed I’ve just cleared my mother’s path for her!

🙂 I hope those in sunnier warmer countries enjoyed these pics.

A. Shepherdson.