Terms and Conditions, do you ever read them?


My fictional tale ‘Pretty Lady On A Train’ was written six months ago and the only post I saved from my previous blog which got deleted! I hope you enjoyed reading it even though I’d agree if you said the sex was a little excruciating. Am I upset 130 posts got deleted along with my old Blog? No not really, well perhaps I wish I’d saved a story or two if I’m honest, but importantly I have all the photos safe in an album.

Now for an admission.


Two weeks ago I happened across a BBC advertisement, asking their Radio 4 listeners to send in a short story of no more than 8000 words, original fiction have you will. A winner would be chosen, awarded £15,000 and best of all have their story narrated on the BBC!

WOW an incredible prize!

So remembering I’d saved this fictional tale I thought why not enter (but won’t win 🙂 ), so two weekends ago I completely rewrote from beginning to end and took much more care with phrasing and plot this time. Go read lol! Then came the time to enter the competition, I filled in my personal details online, uploaded the docx file containing my story and just as I was about to excitedly press send, I noticed a tiny square box instructing me to tick when I’d read the Terms and Conditions…….THEN send.


You’ve seen those Terms and Conditions boxes before, every time you open an account on the interweb, amazon eBay Financial Banking whatever, the Company in question tells you to read their Conditions, you tick and you agree to their rules. Even WordPress, jeeze their list goes on for pages, but at least they allow adult material……….. within reason!

Do you read website Conditions? I do sometimes but I’m both lazy and trusting, so if say Barclays Bank has stated after 2 years a Bond will mature and they’ll pay me the balance and 3% interest I trust them. (Stupid really, cause knowing what crooks and charlatans banks are, they could just as easily say after 2 years we’ll keep the balance and give the interest to charity!

Perhaps I should read a Bank’s Terms and Conditions, or any Organisations hmm trusting people online is for mugs!

Well returning to my genius masterpiece of original fiction, which wasn’t going to win, but anyhow I thought it would be a wheeze to enter, and better still I’d enjoyed writing once again spurred on by the fast approaching closing deadline.

Before pressing send, and remember I’d spent hours re writing my tale which you can read here. After all my careful story telling I thought to myself ‘suppose I ought to read BBC’s Conditions, and to my shock and horror they said the competition is only open to established authors with a record of publishing.

Well that counts me out, I’m not a published author and to say I felt both very foolish and totally deflated is a given. But I did learn a valuable lesson, always read Terms and Conditions first! Mind you if I had read them the other day, I wouldn’t have written my tale and I wouldn’t be here tapping away on my laptop this evening.

Btw if you’re curious I scan :/ read WordPress’s Terms and Conditions before starting this new blog, I genuinely trust 🙂 WordPress!

A. Shepherdson.

2 thoughts on “Terms and Conditions, do you ever read them?

  1. This really had me smiling, because all the while there I expected one of BBC’s fine print stipulations to be “no adult content”. Surprise! This reminds me of the potential applicants who cannot find jobs because they have no experience, but experience cannot be gained without having a job.

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