Chicken, egg fried rice & peas – ‘idiot proof cooking!’

Made by A. Shepherdson with photos.

Additional egg fried rice 003

Meal for one

When our family’s pet, a gorgeous Border Collie, is ever off her food a veterinary surgeon once suggested giving her ‘chicken & rice’ as a first meal after she was feeling much better. Well after having three collies over the space of twenty years not one ever turned their nose up at the sight of chicken and rice or refused to eat. Quite the contrary they’d play up after going back on to the dried stuff.

I have absolutely no idea why I told you that anecdote except to say if you ever needed a light easy meal made in 25 minutes then I’d recommend oven cooked chicken boiled rice and frozen green peas cooked in the microwave. You’ll guess by this recipe I am no great shakes in the kitchen, well living on my own I’m not that bad, I live by the mantra ‘if I don’t cook, no one else will, the consequence I go hungry!!’

Joking apart chicken and rice is super quick, very tasty if bland for some people (why not marinade) and very healthy, even healthier if you add vegetables and cook as a stir fry, perhaps even cook as an egg fried rice after having boiled…………… use olive oil for the healthy option.


  1. Half a mug of easy cook white rice.
  2. One boned chicken breast.
  3. Half a cup of frozen green peas.
  4. Nob of butter.
  5. 2 eggs.
  6. Baking foil.

Recipe! (Idiot Proof, ‘quick  simple’ and impossible to f*** up!)

  1. Pre heat an oven to 170 degrees centigrade, with oven tray.
  2. Cut a 200mm square of aluminium baking foil, lay out on a chopping board, place a nob of butter on the foil.
  3. Place a boned chicken breast on top of the butter and foil, add another nob of butter, then wrap the foil around the chicken securely.
  4. Place the foil chicken package onto the baking tray and cook for 30minutes (my mother says so.)
  5. Now returning to the rice, pour the rice into a pan of hot water which has been boiling on the stove, turn down the heat and simmer for 13minutes making sure to add a little water if the rice is near drying out!
  6. Drain the rice into a sieve using boiling rice and cover to keep warm.
  7. Now returning to the chicken, open the foil and make sure the chicken ISN’T pink. Drain off the butter juice then cut the chicken into slices.
  8. Heat the peas in a microwave until hot.
  9. Place rice into wok and stir fry adding eggs after a minute or so. Hot oil!
  10. Place peas chicken and hot rice onto a plate, mix and add seasoning.
  11. Easy easy as!

Making egg fried rice to which I added the chicken and peas, oh and not forgetting a mug of green tea without makes a perfect combination. (I adore herbal also green tea!)

A. Shepherdson